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Distort Right and Distort Left Capcut tutorial

Distort Right and Distort Left Capcut tutorial

Pikipo – The Capcut application is a video editor application that is quite popular in Indonesia.

This application has many advantages, especially for making short videos.

The ease of editing videos is one of the reasons why this Capcut application is in great demand.

In addition, there are also many effects and animations provided by this Capcut application to us, so we just need to add these effects to our videos.

Distort Right and Distort Left Capcut effects

One of the Capcut Effects that is often used for video editing is the Distort Right and Distort Left Effects.

The Distort Right effect is an animation effect for turning our photos or videos to the right, so that the resulting photos or videos will be slightly tilted and rotate from left to right.

As for the Distort Left effect, it is an effect for turning the photos and videos that we edit to the left. This effect is the opposite of the Distort Right effect.

Distort Right and Distort Left Capcut Effect Tutorial

We can use this Distort Capcut effect to make the videos we produce more interesting.

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With the addition of this rotating effect, of course the resulting video will not be boring and look more alive.

Now for how to add the Distort Right and Distort Left effects are as follows:

  1. First of all, select the photo or video that you want to edit.
  2. Select the part to which you want to add Distort Right and Distort Left effects.
  3. To add an effect, simply tap the part of the video you want to add an effect to, then select an animation.
  4. In the animation section, you swipe right until you find animations with the names Distort Right and Distort Left.
  5. Please try the animation, and choose if it fits.
  6. Don’t forget to adjust the speed of the animation, so that it is in harmony with the video that we make.

That was the way to add Distort Right and Distort Left Effects in the Capcut application.

To get better results, you can add other effects or animations to the videos you make, so the results are not too stiff.

One more thing, a lot of trying and just practicing, because good results must go through a fairly tiring learning process hehe.

That’s all and good luck.

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