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Dice Master 3D Money Making Game, OJK Registered?

JSMedia – Based on the reviews of money hunters on the internet, Dice Master 3D money making highly recommended for those of you who want to make extra money. The method is so easy, the results are also abundant. It doesn’t take long to earn here. However, is it safe or a scam?

That can only be proven by trying the application directly. You just need to register and see how the application system works.

The reviews of this app are also good, so there’s no harm in trying to register. Before that, first know at a glance about this application.

System Requirements Dice Master 3D Money Maker

Before you do the installation to your smartphone. It would be nice to know the specifications and system requirements of this game so that it doesn’t crash or can’t be opened.

Game NameDice Master 3D
File Size77 MB
Operating systemAndroid 5.0 and Up
DeveloperShape Keepers Ltd

How Dice Master 3D Money Maker Works

How Dice Master 3D Money Maker Works

From the cover of this article, it can be guessed that this is a dice throwing game. The difference with ordinary dice throwing games, Dice Master 3D can provide users with some income in the form of money.

So, the time you spend in this game will be paid for with some money. The key, you have to complete several missions. When you play this game, you will get coins which can later be exchanged into rupiah coffers.

A total of 1.6 million coins can be exchanged for a balance of 30,000 rupiah. Don’t be surprised by the minimum number of coins required as in-game coins are easy to collect.

In addition, there is a check-in mission. You just need to enter the application then click the Check In button as a sign that you are opening the game today. The following is the daily reward amount of coins.

  • Day 1: 10,000 coins
  • 2nd day: 200,000 coins
  • 3rd day: 400,000 coins
  • 4th day: 600,000 coins
  • Day 5: 800,000 coins
  • Day 6: 1 million coins
  • 7th day: 1.2 million coins

Imagine how many million coins you can collect in 7 full days? So, you don’t have to worry about this coin system.

How to Get the Dice Master 3D App

How to Get the Dice Master 3D App

Apart from being profitable, Money Making app This is widely used because it is officially available on the Play Store media so it is more secure.

The application, which was just released on August 27, has been downloaded 100 thousand times with a score of 4.3.

Download the application at the following link:

Download the Dice Master 3D Money Making App

Click Install to install the application. After that, register to be officially registered as a member of Dice Master 3D.

  • Open the money making Dice Master app.
  • Click the number 7.
  • Select Register, then fill in the requested data.
  • Registration is complete.

After registering, you will get a bonus of 10,000 coins for free which can be directly withdrawn to your DANA or OVO account.

How to Make Money in Dice Master 3D Money Maker

How to Make Money in Dice Master 3D Money Maker

It’s very easy to make money in this app. Here’s how to play Dice Master 3D.

  1. Open the game app roll the dice.
  2. After entering the game page, click dice object displayed.
  3. The dice will roll and stop automatically.

Coins will increase if you get good numbers. And this depends on the luck you have.

In addition to the mission of rolling the dice, complete the next mission in the following way.

  1. Still in the game application.
  2. Click the calendar icon which has the number 7 in the middle.
  3. Click Take.
  4. Do these steps for 7 days in a row.

This money-making game will give you as many coins as possible if you often play in the application, especially doing these two missions.

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Is Dice Master 3D Money Making Scam?

Will Dice Master 3D Money Making Scam?

This application is profitable, free, does not require users to make a deposit, and is easy to generate coins. The game display is also very professional and attractive like a game Candy Kaboom Money Making.

However, there are some suspicious things in this dice throwing game, namely

  1. Millions of coins from the 7-day check-in cannot be done in the long term. In other words, it can only last for the first 7 days. If you play the game as usual, the coins generated are very few.
  2. The withdrawal process is complicated. Members are asked to watch 20 advertisements as a condition for withdrawal. Even though the amount of money that was withdrawn was not much, it was only 500 silver.

This app seems to be fooling its users by promising the balance will be transferred after watching an ad. Though not necessarily paid and will be a scam in the near future. It’s just a scam trick where the ad revenue proceeds goes to the developer’s balance, not the member’s.


What is Dice Master 3D?

  • Dice Master 3D is a dice game aimed at everyone. It is said that Game Dice Master 3D can also turn into a Millionaire.

Is Dice Master Safe to Make Money?

  • Until now the game is not registered with the OJK and the possibility will be a scam in the near future

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