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Current Listing Solution! 15+ How to Login PPDB East Java, Sure You Can!

JSMedia – Schools are currently open for registration of new students and students on line. This includes East Java. Registration is opened via on line simultaneously. So to make it easier, it is very important to know in advance how to login to PPDB East Java for a smooth registration process.

PPDB by on line intended to provide easy registration without the need to cluster in the school you want to go to. The method is also very easy and applicants can determine the desired public school by only filling in the required data.

How to Login PPDB East Java?

How to Login PPDB East Java?

When you first enter the official PPDB East Java website, many may feel confused. This is because this ppdbjatim.net site does not display options login.

Well, to do login, can be done by clicking the button Pre-Registration.

Then when logging in, some data are needed in the form of NPSN, NISN, and the appropriate date of birth in order to enter the East Java PPDB site. After a new login, all of the East Java PPDB registration features can be accessed.

7 Easy Steps How to Login PPDB East Java

7 Easy Steps How to Login PPDB East Java

If you still feel confused, please follow the tutorial on how to login PPDB East Java which will be presented below.

  1. Visit the https://ppdbjatim.net/ page to enter website official PPDB East Java
  2. On the menu bar on the home page, click menu Pre-Registration which is located on the top left
  3. Next, select Take Pin. Please choose the options displayed, namely: East Java Graduates 2021, East Java Graduates Previous Years and Outside East Java Graduates
  4. Still on the same page, do it Login by entering the required data. Such as, NPSN (School Principal Number), NISN (National Student Identification Number), and the appropriate date of birth.
  5. After all is filled in, enter the captcha that is displayed
  6. Then click bar Login
  7. Finished

As explained above, this process requires a pin, for those who are still having trouble getting the pin, you can listen to the next explanation below.

9 Ways to Download PPDB 2021 Login Pin Online

9 Ways to Download PPDB 2021 Login Pin Online

The PPDB 2021 pin can actually be downloaded easily through the official PPDB Jatim 2021 website. Please follow the steps below to get the PPDB pin online 2021.

  1. Please enter the PPDB Jatim website, then select the option “Pre Registration“then click”Take PIN
  2. Enter the East Java PPDB site by entering the appropriate NPSN, NISN, and date of birth.
  3. Next, fill in the family card data by entering the Province, District, Regency/City, and Village/Kelurahan.
  4. Next, fill in your KK number, telephone number, home address according to your KK, date of issuance of KK, then upload your family card.
  5. After all the data is filled in then click the button “Next” Next, determine the location of the house by pressing the “Pick Up Location
  6. Tap the current location of residence, then click the “Select Locationi”. This will display the coordinates of the current location.
  7. If the coordinate location does not match the registrant’s location, then you can click “Change Location” then do the pinpointing manually.
  8. If the location is correct, then press the button “Continue Process “And the registrant can check the data as a whole.
  9. If you have entered all the PPDB Jatim 2021 data correctly, please press the option “send

That was a full review of how to log in to PPDB East Java and how to get a 2021 PPDB Pin On line. After following the tutorial above, you no longer need to be confused when you want to login to PPDB East Java. Good luck.

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