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Complete Biodata of Entul TikTok, Member of Garuda Wisnu Satria Muda (GWSM)

JSMedia – Curious about the boy in the picture? This is the viral Enthul TikTok. Here’s the information Entul’s bio Tiktok GWSM Complete.

Social media is more than just a place to find friends, but you can develop yourself and create at the same time. As long as you have the courage and willingness to keep learning, anyone can be successful in cyberspace, like Enthul who went viral on TikTok recently.

Don’t you know who he is yet? Or, already know before? Let’s get to know more about Entul, because we will review Entul’s biodata that not many people know.

Who is GWSM’s TikTok Enthul?

Who is GWSM's TikTok Enthul?

If you look at the GWSM social media comment column, many like Enthul’s figure. Enthul or Entul is a member of the GWSM (Garuda Wisnu Satria Muda) artist community.

The group consists of several talented people. This group of art people are content creators who are active on social media with the aim of introducing and preserving the reog and barong culture.

You can see their work through a YouTube channel called “Garuda Wisnu Satria Muda”. In his last upload, there is a video of Enthul wearing traditional clothes but looking cool. What made him so popular that it went viral on TikTok?

The reason why Enthul Tiktok is viral

The reason why Enthul Tiktok is viral

The main reason why Entul is famous on TikTok is because she has a cute face. Even though he is a male, his speech and demeanor are adorable. No wonder why many netizens like it.

Not only does he have a cute face, he has a self-worth that is rarely sought after by modern-day children, namely being good at reog-barongan art. He is one of the youngest members of GWSM and takes part in the creation of cultural contents.

Videos about him are circulating on TikTok because they are widely shared. That’s why he became viral now. Curious about Enthul’s bio? Here’s a little information and facts about Enthul.

Biography of Enthul Tiktok Vishnu Satria Muda

Enthul Wisnu Satria Muda Biodata

Because it is viral on TikTok, many are curious about the figure of Entul. The man whose full name is Enthul Karikatul is actually still very young, 13 years old or only in the 1st grade of junior high school.

It is known that Enthul comes from Central Java. He joined the barongan art group GWSM from a very young age. Even though he is now a teenager, his abilities are no less great than the other GWSM members.

Details of the Complete Tiktok Enthul Biodata

Full nameEnthul Karikatul
Age13 years old
Class1 Middle School
OriginCentral Java
ProfessionArt Group
Instagram@enthul_0304, @garudawisnusatriamuda

Together with GWSM members, Enthul often creates content related to traditional reog costumes that contain many magical elements. Isn’t this one great teenager? Of course he deserves much appreciation.

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Social Media Enthul GWSM

Social Media Enthul GWSM

Because it was so viral, many netizens were looking for this cute and funny photo of Enthul. If you search for a portrait of him on Google, surely most of the images displayed are when he is wearing a reog or other artistic performance.

Get more Enthul tampan handsome photo through the social media of the Garuda Wisnu Satria Muda barongan community on Instagram, namely @garudawisnusatriamuda.

Actually, this young man who is very popular with teenage girls has a personal Instagram account, namely @enthul_0304. Unlike other famous people, not many photos are shared on her Instagram feed. Even so, he often shares his daily life through this account and occasionally serves fans in the comments column.

How to Contact Enthul to Reply to Instagram Messages

Currently, there are many who are looking for WA Enthul numbers. Instead of looking for WA, which is not necessarily certain, it is indeed a number from Enthul, it is better if we contact him via IG or Youtube. Then how do I contact Enthul so that we can reply to our message? here’s how we will explain below.

Contact Enthul via Instagram DM Chat

  • Open the social media app Instagram You
  • Type in in the search field “@enthul_0304” Enthul account will automatically appear
  • Then Click on the top. You are already logged in enthul’s profile
  • Follow IG account first enthul
  • Then go to the menu “Send Message
  • Who is enthul friendly and polite
  • Then “Say that you are a big fan enthul
  • Praying for Enthul to always be healthy and successful with his career
  • End the DM chat with the words “I will be very happy if my message is replied to by kaka, thank you very much for your attention

Contacting Enthul via the Instagram comment column

  • Make sure you’re in Enthul Instagram Profile
  • Follow Account Instagram Enthul
  • Click on IG photo whichever
  • Then you write in the comments
  • Then express your heart with say polite and friendly
  • Insert words wish good towards Enthul regarding his brilliant career and work.
  • End the words in the Instagram comments column with “I am very happy, if this message is replied to by Ka Enthul, Thank you

For those of you who want to get to know Enthul more closely, visit the Garuda Wisnu Satria Muda YouTube channel. In addition to enjoying the artwork, there is a lot of content about Enthul’s activities.

For preserving Indonesian arts, please support Enthul and his friends from GWSM by following their social media and leaving positive comments!

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