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Commemorating GameShark, the Haram CD Who Becomes Idol

Pikipo – The game industry is currently growing rapidly. Especially for competitive online games on mobile platforms.

After the rise of esports, the fifth and sixth generation of games (such as the playstation 1 & 2) are getting less and less desirable, and these game consoles are far past their heyday.

Even though in its heyday, there were a lot of PS game rentals and this game console became a home game console. Now the PS crowd was also colored by the emergence of GameShark.

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What is GameShark?

Gameshark is a cartridge or game CD that is useful for cheats or cheats in a video game. GameShark allows users to “break” the system in the game so that it can open something locked in the game or change certain values ​​in the game itself.

The point is, this is a cheat in old PS games, for example, you can have unlimited lives, your money is 999999xx, and many others.

For the type itself, there are many depending on the game console, such as GameShark Gameboy for the Gameboy console, Playstation GameShark pro for the PS1 console, and many more types.

For how to use it, players must first insert the game shark CD, then look for the game that you want to cheat, select what cheat you want to activate, then replace it with the cassette you want to cheat earlier.

Honestly, I used to be a GameShark user too, why?
Yes, it’s clear that the game isn’t too difficult, it’s good if we become overpowered characters in the game hahaha.

Usually for CTR games, it’s good to use GameShark, the characters can be unlocked all, besides the Harvestmoon game I also sometimes use Gameshark, although it’s not very suitable, because in the long run the game is not fun and boring. The main impression of this game is less pronounced.

But since the emergence of the PS 3 era with most of its games online and mostly using microtransactions, GmeShark has finally disappeared.

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No more over power characters like PS1 and PS2. Now the only gods who help gamers are money to top up to buy special items in the game.

Well, I guess that’s the excitement of the old games, GameShark always colors the excitement of these games.
Thank you GameShark, your presence has always been an idol for gamers in the past.

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