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Come on, these are the 5 best lightweight Android emulators for free

JSMedia – Hearing the term emulator, most think this file is too big and burdensome on a PC/laptop. No need to be discouraged, even computers with low specifications can use them. You can choose lightweight android emulator but still has good performance.

For those who often play Android games on PC, you may already be familiar with Bluestacks. Apparently, not only the emulator is easy to use. Even a computer with 2 GB of RAM can use it. Instead of being curious, see the reviews below.

5 Lightweight Android Emulators

Emulators are the right solution for those of you who want to feel the sensation of playing Android games on a PC. Unfortunately, there are still many who are hesitant to use the emulator considering its size is indeed burdensome.

Therefore, here are recommendations for lightweight Android emulators that you can try.

1. Android

1. Android

As the name implies, this emulator will give you a super appearance similar to the Android system. You could say, Android is a multifunctional emulator compared to similar platforms. Not only can it be accessed on Windows or Mac, this emulator can also be used as a console control.

Want to play games while chatting? No need to worry, you can do it with just one emulator. Android can be used to play games and also chat via WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Not only that, you can also use this emulator as a remote control with a display on the PC/laptop screen.

2. MEmu App Player

2. MEmu App Player

The first emulator recommendation that you can try is the MEmu App Player. This emulator made in China is already quite popular to use. The performance is quite responsive so it is comfortable when run. Not only on computers, this emulator can also be run on tablets.

Although light, the menu provided is complete. For example the PlayStore application, file explorer, and RAM management. For those of you who use a low-spec computer, this emulator can still be tried.

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3. Bluestacks

3. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is arguably the most popular emulator among Android PC game lovers. Its name is so attached because of its lightweight size and reliable performance. For those of you who are looking for an emulator for a 2 GB PC/laptop, Bluestacks can be an option.

The appearance of this emulator interface is not much different from Android phones when used to play games. You can also easily take screenshots because a special side toolbar is provided. Including when you want to copy & paste, adjust the sound, and install applications.

Bluestacks has been downloaded by more than 100 million people. No wonder this emulator is among the best to choose from.

4. Remix OS Player

4. Remix OS Player

Do you like to play games in a dual screen way? This method of playing the game can be done easily using the Remix OS Player emulator. Its performance includes smooth and comfortable when run on a PC / laptop.

No wonder this emulator is worth trying, including for beginners. Especially for those who want to play Android games with medium graphics levels.

This game not only allows users to multitask. This emulator has a user friendly interface so it is easy to use. Although using the Android OS system, users will find it similar to Windows.

This is because the start button, clock icon, and battery are familiar on the Windows display. No need to worry, the presence of these advanced features does not reduce the qualified performance of Remix OS Player.

5. Nox Player

5. Nox Player

It’s not surprising that Nox Player is the recommended Android emulator. For those of you who like Android games with high graphics, this emulator can be the right choice.

To play the Need For Spees game, this emulator can run it stably at 60 fps quality. Not only for playing games with high graphics, Nox Player is also convenient to use to open other applications.

This emulator is claimed to have the same quality as Remix Player. This can be proven by its responsive appearance and fast loading. Not only that, you will not find this emulator often force close.

You can also use this emulator as a remote control with a display on the PC/laptop screen.

There are many choices Lightweight Android emulator which can be tried. However, you need to adjust it to the specifications of your laptop/PC. By choosing the right emulator, of course playing games on a laptop/PC becomes more exciting.

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