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Collection of Ghosting Quotes for Instagram and WhatsApp Caption Stories

Collection of Ghosting Quotes for Instagram and WhatsApp Caption Stories

Pikipo – Hello everyone, lately the Ghosting phenomenon is very busy on social media, be it Facebook, Instagram Twiiter or on TikTok. Lots of people have discussed this disturbing ghosting phenomenon. Then what is Gosting spread about? For those who don’t know, please see the review below.

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is a situation where someone disconnects by stopping communication suddenly and without explanation. Well, from this understanding, of course, all of you who are reading have also experienced something like this.

Must be sucking right? haha

The consequences that are felt by the Ghosting victim himself make him seem confused, curious, feel stupid, feel guilty or sometimes can also make him feel depressed.

There are various reasons why someone performs this “Ghosting” behavior and of course they also have their own reasons, whether it’s Insecure, uncomfortable, not suitable, bored or even because he has found someone better than you. Also read: Collection of Inspirational Quotes

Well, for the Ghosting victims, you just need to be patient and sincere in dealing with the situation and just let it go if it hurts because in a healthy relationship, both parties must build it.

Here for those of you who are still confused because of Ghosting, I will give you some words or quotes about ghosting that you can use for your story or caption. Let’s just look at the ghosting quote below.

Ghosting Quotes Collection

“I know you don’t care about me anymore, but I’m still here, just like the promise we made”

“It’s okay, just go, hopefully someday it will be a longing that tortures your life ;)”

“Just follow God’s path, yesterday I was looking for my own way and I got lost”

“As scary as the corona virus is, it turns out to be more afraid of the virus per ghost”

“We make pain ourselves, so if we love someone naturally, so that when we leave it doesn’t hurt too much :)”

“He’s not ghosting, his goals are more important :’)”

“I’ve found Sakura, I thought I was Sasuka, it turns out I’m just Naruto”

“Don’t love to be told dear, it’s already a pity to throw it away”

“I’m confused all of a sudden, I can’t speak but you must already know”

“In the end we will return to those who truly love”

“I want to be honest, but it keeps raining :’)”

“It turns out that loving someone must be willing to be tired. But even if you are tired, the happiness reaches the solar plexus, arteries, coronary arteries, right brain and left brain. If you are tired and you are not happy, why hold on?”

That’s a collection of Ghosting quotes. Hopefully the words above can express what you are feeling. And for the Ghosting victims, just be patient and don’t expect more. If it’s heavy, remember “Your life is harder than that”. So keep going because God has a better way for all of us.

That’s it for the article related to ghosting words this time. I hope this article is useful.

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