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Childhood, Rice Fields and Kites

Nostalgic childhood story

nostalgic childhood story


I don’t know why sometimes I remember my childhood.
When I was little, I always wanted to grow up fast, but after growing up, I sometimes remember when I was little, I only worked at school, came home and played.

Sometimes we want to return to what it was back then (in our imagination), a time when we still rarely have problems and the realities of life that sometimes make us dizzy.

When I was little, I really liked the name “kites” or you can call them kites.
My house is in the village, behind the house there is a time after that there is a rice field.

It’s not like today’s children, who mostly play at home, play cellphones or at least go out, go to PS rentals.
In the past, the children used to play together after school. When we were at school, we always made an appointment to play and then we got together after school.

In the past, during the dry season, the wind was always strong, I really liked playing kites. I don’t know how many kites I’ve made, maybe a hundred. In the past, it was very rare to buy kites, mostly they all made their own.

At first it was also difficult, making a kite can never fly, because when making a frame (in my place it is usually called a stretch) it’s not balanced. Sometimes the size of the bamboo skeleton is not equal to the size of the kite.

After failing many times over time, you can also make kites yourself. Starting from the frog’s kite (a small kite with no tail), ulan ulan (a kite with a large tail) or a “gapangan” kite (maybe generally called a sendaren).

After school, after eating, we usually gather together and bring our own kites. we go straight to the rice fields.
We change jobs, one holds the kite while the other just pulls, if it’s already flying, just change jobs.

Not infrequently, one of the kites can’t fly, at least it’s just playing around and then it falls down, and it’s like that until people get tired of playing alone. If that’s the case, then all you have to do is borrow a friend’s kite, that’s all right.

Sometimes there are kites that break up, this is what I really like, we chase the kites together, sometimes they go very far. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you get excited on the tree, it’s really bad if it’s like that, at least you only get the thread.

If we get it, we just share it with our friends who were chasing the kite, some get kites, some get yarn.

Playing in the fields is not just fun, sometimes it’s not uncommon to meet snakes, even though it’s rare, but I’m still very lazy when I meet this animal.
Luckily, one of my friends is very brave with snakes, sometimes they get caught but most of the time they just get kicked out and the snake is gone.

If you imagine that it was really good, it doesn’t matter if it’s still noon, it doesn’t matter whose rice field it is, the important thing is that there is no owner, if the owner comes, just run away hahaha.

Even if we are hungry, we are not confused, just eat sugar cane because there are so many who grow sugar cane here, sometimes also cucumber if someone grows, that’s all
We didn’t buy it, boro – boro help, we just came to the rice field and we were told to take our own cucumber, at least we ate 3 seeds and our stomach bloated.

Even if it’s hot, you just have to take a shower in the river, even if you get caught by your mother, you’ll be scolded, but it’s stupid, the important thing is not to get caught hahaha.

I don’t know why at that time the time felt so fast, suddenly it was late.
We are always disciplined when we go home, there is never a name that must be found first. At 5 pm we must have gone home, showered after that we started reading the Koran.

It’s really nostalgic when I remember my childhood, fortunately my parents weren’t restrained by my childhood, I didn’t just have to study at home, I couldn’t play, and I was only told to study until I lost my childhood.

Thank you very much, my parents used to be able to understand their children :v.

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