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Check Mental Health with Laluibersama.com Online and Free

JSMedia – Mental health check very necessary for everyone, so that someone can know his mental health. Mental health must always be maintained to maintain psychological stability in a person.

The good news is, someone who wants to do a mental check doesn’t have to go far to see a psychologist, because online checks are available. So, you can check it regularly every few months without having to feel bothered.



Sites that provide mental health check services, one of which is: throughbersama.com. That way, one can find out the mental state for free.

Laluibersama.com is an online health website released by Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). This site not only provides mental tests, but also provides a sharing forum related to mental health.

So, if there are problems or questions about mental health, you can send them to the discussion forum. So, there will be discussed and assisted in solving problems or answering questions that have been sent.

The existence of an online mental health check is to make it easier for someone who wants to know their mental condition. Especially during a very stressful pandemic, most people must often feel anxious.

With this online check, a person can still apply the government’s advice to stay at home so that the covid virus does not spread further. This site includes volunteers who help to further facilitate any problems that exist.

Check Mental Health Online Laluibersama.com

Check Mental Health Online Laluibersama.com

Psychological disorders such as stress, depression, or anxiety are sometimes unconsciously experienced by a person. Symptoms that seem vague often assume that they are normal.

Though psychological disorders can adversely affect daily activities, especially on a person’s health. Better to do a check immediately to find out.

Mental health checks can be done on the throughbersama.com site and it won’t cost you a single rupiah. So it is very practical, because the check can also be done online.

Don’t miss this opportunity, know your mental state right now. So that if there is a psychological disorder, it can immediately take action to overcome it.

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5 Ways to Check Mental Health Online Viabersama.com

5 Ways to Check Mental Health Online Viabersama.com

Check your mental health or mental health through throughbersama.com, the method is very easy. A person will be given several questions that must be answered honestly. Here are the details:

  1. Visit throughbersama.com website with the following link: http://www.laluibersama.com/
  2. After logging into the site, one can press the Mental Health Calculator button to perform a mental health check.
  3. Then, there will be 21 questions that must be answered honestly according to the conditions experienced.
  4. After you have finished answering all the questions, you can press the Check button to find out the results of the check.
  5. The final step after the results of the check appears, the person doing the check can continue to scroll down and there will be little information about mental health.

If it turns out that the results of the check that come out state that there is indeed a psychological disorder experienced, then there is no need to feel more anxious and pessimistic. Because it’s normal when someone feels depressed.

The thing that can be done is to calm down and continue to think positively, so that the stress or pressure experienced does not get worse and the longer it can gradually improve.

Never ignore mental health, because a person’s mental effect on his attitude and everything he does. Face all problems calmly and don’t worry too much.

Very easy and practical, right? At home, you can do a mental health check and you don’t have to bother looking for a psychologist to find out your mental condition.

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