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Can Pou Game Make Money?

Pikipo – Hi all, see you again at pikipo. On this occasion, Mimin will discuss a game that is familiar to all of you, namely the Pou game. Curious ? So just take a look at the reviews below.

Who doesn’t know the game called pou which is available on the playstore. This game is very liked by children because there is a cute main character with a shape like a potato. Later the main character will be treated like a virtual pet that can be taken care of and deri eat every day.

Pou is currently the highest downloaded application with more than 500 million downloads on Google Playstore.

When starting this game you will be provided with some small guides such as keeping a virtual pet pou. The missions are quite easy, all you have to do is feed them, bathe them, invite them to play together and carry out other missions.

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Some important things that are often asked by users of this pou game are related to money-making applications. Currently, almost all applications can be said to make money. Well, can the game pou make money? Check out the answer below.

Can Pou Game Make Money?

This pou application is indeed fun to play, especially for children. With a simple game because to play it we just have to complete the mission by taking care of pou every day.

After a few days the question arose about the pou application which was said to be able to make money. Is that true? Until now there has been no discourse that discusses this pou application that can make money. Because this game can be played offline, we can’t make money yet.

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However, in the future we don’t know, maybe the developer of the pou game will provide features for users to be able to provide the opportunity to get points and later these points can be exchanged for vouchers.

The final word

Well, that’s a little discussion about the pou game that is currently popular. If you feel confused, you can ask and write it in the comments column, guys.

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Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. Thanks for reading and enjoy guys.

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