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Browser Crashes Often? 4 Solutions with How to Update Google Chrome

JSMedia – Google Chrome is the best web browser that is widely used today. Interestingly, the web browser continues to be updated regularly. No wonder you get additional features that can add convenience when using the browser. How to update Google Chrome not difficult.

You can update Chrome easily. Even the system can also update automatically. It’s just that sometimes the automatic update can’t run. For that you must know how to manually update Chrome to anticipate this.

Best Time to Update Google Chrome

Best Time to Update Google Chrome

Although Google Chrome can update automatically when the user opens or closes the browser, updates are sometimes delayed if Chrome has not been opened for a certain time.

Google Chrome provides an indicator in the form of a colored icon if an update is pending which is certainly easier for users. The following explains the color of the indicator:

  1. Green color, browser update released 2 days ago.
  2. Orange color, browser update released about 4 days ago.
  3. In blue, the update was released at least a week ago.

If the Chrome browser update is pending and the latest version is available, you can update manually. Remember, Chrome updates are very important to note because they add to the user experience when surfing the virtual world.

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Reasons Why You Should Update Google Chrome

Reasons Why You Should Update Google Chrome

It is not recommended to use an outdated Google Chrome to avoid various risks. Here are some reasons.

1. Security

Security is a priority why should you update your browser to the latest version at that time. Using old versions is very risky for viruses, phishing, trojans, scams and threats even though the device has an anti-virus program installed.

The risk increases if you use a cell phone for online transactions. Security vulnerabilities can cause usernames and passwords to be stolen by irresponsible people. By using the latest version, you can use the internet safely.

2. Performance

Maybe you’ve ever felt that page loading is slow for some images on certain pages. You may also find old browser crashes frequently. This kind of thing is certainly very annoying.

This is the reason why you should update Google Chrome regularly. With the update, the browser’s performance is better than before. This means that the browser becomes more stable and faster.

3. There is the Latest Web Technology Support

Website technology continues to evolve. For example, HTML5 and CSS3 are now widely used by web designers. Even web programmers and web developers have used it.

The technology brings many changes related to the latest features. Even though this support cannot be used in older browser versions. For that you have to update Google Chrome. Lack of support keeps you from enjoying the latest web technologies.

4. Get Add-On or Plug-In Support

Add-ons and plug-ins provide additional functionality and capabilities when using the browser. Generally, these two things are developed by third parties who must have used the latest web technology.

All modern browsers already support these additional plug-ins and add-ons. Unfortunately the old version does not get maximum support. It doesn’t even work when used. That’s why you have to update Google Chrome regularly to get this support.

How to Update the Latest Google Chrome

As already mentioned, updating Google Chrome is not difficult. For those who are still confused, you can follow the following tutorial:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser first.
  2. choose Customize and Control Google Chrome.
  3. choose Help.
  4. Select submenu About Google Chrome.
  5. Now page Google Chrome Settings already opened.

On the right-hand page, the browser checks for the latest version. If there is a newer version, the browser immediately runs to update to that version. If the update process is complete, a Relaunch notification appears.

Google Chrome automatically closes and then reopens the browser with the tabs open as before. Google Chrome update is complete. Now the browser has entered the latest version of Google Chrome.

Although it sounds trivial, How to update Google Chrome the latest is not very well known to its users. It’s natural that users often complain about the security or features that they get. In fact, by updating your browser, you can enjoy all the latest features and guaranteed security.

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