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Blade and Soul 2 Will Open Pre-Registration Starting February 9th

Blade and Soul 2 Will Open Pre-Registration Starting February 9th

Pikipo – Who of you like MMORPG games, if you like it then you must read this information.

After disappearing without news, Blade & Soul 2 will definitely open the pre-registration stage soon.

Game Blade and Soul is an MMORPG developed and released by NCsoft.

Currently, Blade and Soul is one of the most played MMORPGs by MMORPG gamers around the world, including Indonesia.

If you are a fan of the MMORPG genre game, you must be familiar with the Blade and Soul game, right, or are you one of the gamers who are looking forward to the sequel to the game? If so, there is good news for all of you.

NCSoft announced that the pre-registration stage for the Blade and Soul 2 game will begin on February 9. Unfortunately, for the initial release, they will release it first in South Korea.

Blade & Soul II itself was first announced as a mobile game in November 2021. Even though it’s only a mobile game, the development team for Blade and Soul 2 is the same development team as the PC version of Blade and Soul.

One of the advantages of this Blade and Soul game is the excellent graphics quality even though it is only for Mobile devices.

So make sure your smartphone has high specifications to be able to play this game.

So this game is worth waiting for and trying directly, especially for MMORPG game lovers

Currently, NCsoft has not revealed a release schedule.

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