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Biodata Dea Tiktok Complete Age, Origin and Religion! Tiktokers the Winner of the Viral Shake Pargoy on Tiktok

Biography of Dea Tiktok – Recently, a very unique shake has gone viral, which is called the pargoy shake. This wobble phenomenon shows a teenager who is cool to dance accompanied by another DJ remix.

In addition, the sway which has its own characteristics, such as turning both hands with a combination of rocking the crank, makes this sway easily recognizable to many people. Besides that, when I tried it myself, it turned out that this pargoy shake was fun and made anyone addicted to wanting to rock.

This pargoy is known to netizens because of the many uploads that show pargoy-style wobbles by tiktok users. So there are also many other users who are curious about the terms pargoy and pargoy shakes which are viral on tiktok.

The term pargoy itself is an abbreviation of the rocking party which until now has become a dance trend in tiktok after rocking the perjamban. In one of the pargoy shakes, netizens considered that one of the tiktokers who was considered the winner of sound and pargoy shakes was Nur Ainul Mardiyah or Dea Dalam on her tiktok account.

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It turns out that the name Dea is getting more and more sought after by netizens who are curious about her beautiful and shrewd figure in swaying pargoy. There are so many who want to know the biodata profile of Dea Tiktok, so below I provide information about the biodata profile of Dea Tiktok.

Profile and Biography of Dea Tiktok

Full name

Nur Ainul Mardiyah

Name in Know


Date of birth

March 3, 2004






17 years



Dea Himself is a tiktoker who was born in Samarinda, March 3, 2004. Thanks to the pargoy shake that she demonstrated, she managed to attract the attention of other tiktok users. For those of you who are curious about this pargoy shake from dea, you can directly visit his tiktok account @dea50.

Tiktok Dea Facts

pict by instagram nurainulmardiyah_

1. The pargoy shake content is watched by more than 14 million tiktok users

Because this dea always displays interesting content, especially for pargoy shakes and coupled with a slick camera placement, the video content is always Fyp and will always appear on your homepage at any time.

2. Always look cool

Thanks to the slick content, of course, it is supported by a cool appearance. This can be seen from the appearance of the outfit that can be seen on his Instagram account. Dea always looks neat and looks bad. Plus, with her beautiful face, anyone will not blink when they see it hehe.

3. Studying at the Samarinda State Polytechnic majoring in Tourism

Many do not know that this dea is actually studying at the Samarinda Polytechnic majoring in tourism. It was once written in the caption of the content on Tiktok.

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The final word

Well, that’s the discussion about the profile and bio of tiktok. Hopefully with the article you can easily recognize the dea tiktok.

Thanks for reading and enjoy guys.

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