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Bareta FF, Pictures and Locations To Get The Weapon !!

Bereta FF – Free Fire Constantly updating and adding new content or items. This is actually to attract the interest of gamers, because many think that the Free Fire game is said to be disorganized.

There are so many changes and changes that the Free Fire game has experienced such as new items, skins, cosmetic graphics, content and most importantly weapons. Well, coincidentally on this occasion I will discuss about the weapons that FF players are looking for. The weapon is called the Bareta FF or what is often called the M828B.

What is a FF Bereta Weapon?

This weapon is currently a bone of contention in the Free Fire game because of its ability to make the enemy immediately not move at all.

This weapon has been around since June 2021 and is a very deadly sniper as well as very reliable to destroy Gloo Wall.

Specifications of the Bereta FF senjata weapon

  • Range : 85
  • Damage : 90
  • Rate of Fire : 27
  • Magazines : 8
  • Reload Speed ​​: 42
  • Accuracy : 90

Bareta Weapon Locations In Bermuda FF

  • Pochinok
  • Mars Electric
  • Shipyard
  • Hangar

The final word

That’s the discussion about the Bareta FF weapon. To get the weapon, you have to choose the landing place that I recommended above, guys. and most likely you can get the weapon.

Thanks for reading and enjoy

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