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Auto META! 5 Suitable FF Characters Combined With D-Bee!

JSMedia – As we already know, on June 8, 2021 yesterday, FF has held a June Update to Patch OB28. Jakarta Studio has also discussed about Update Patch June 2021 FF it in full.

Well one that will be present on the OB28 FF patch is new character named D-Bee. And every time a new character arrives, it can change the META and the Free Fire game. Then what about this D-Bee, can it enter META?

D-Bee Skill Explanation

D-Bee New Character Free Fire

Maybe many of you are not familiar with this character. D-Bee is a street dancer and has a skill called Bullet Beast. This ability allows him to increase his movespeed and accuracy by 35-70% while moving.

Of course this skill is quite unique and useful, especially for those of you who have a low level of accuracy in shooting. D-Bee is suitable for use in increasing the chances of your shot hitting the target.

Characters That Match D-Bee

Now in Free Fire, we don’t just have to think about how effective a character’s abilities are. But also what characters would be good if combined with it. Because with a good and suitable skill combination, it can make the skill more effective.

So that between one character and another can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Then about what characters are suitable to be used and combined with D-Bee?

1. Shirou

D-Bee's Best Combination Character

Shirou’s ability allows him to increase armor pierce against opponents. So usually he is suitable to use a shotgun type weapon that will cause great damage in just one shot.

However, of course hitting the target with a shotgun is not an easy matter. This is the reason why Shirou is compatible with D-Bee. D-Bee’s ability to increase accuracy when shooting will match Shirou’s shortcomings.

2. Xayne

D-Bee's Best Combination Character

This one character has undermined Chrono’s dominance and dropped him from META. Xtreme Encounter’s ability Xayne can restore 80 HP and increase damage to gloo walls and barriers.

Well, this ability will be very suitable for close combat who often use gloo walls as protection. Combined with D-Bee’s increased accuracy and movespeed, opponents will find it difficult to take cover in any barrier.

3. Chrono

D-Bee's Best Combination Character

The mainstay character who had dominated META in Free Fire for a long time. Because indeed Chrono’s skill used to be so OP because it could provide a barrier as a protection against outside attacks.

But now Chrono is not an OP character anymore since his dinerf abilities and the presence of Xayne’s character is considered a counter. But that doesn’t mean that Chrono can’t be used anymore.

Chrono’s barrier ability is still pretty good even though it’s not as OP as it used to be. When combined with D-Bee, you can target your opponent without having to worry about attacks from outside because it is protected by the Chrono barrier.

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4. Alok

D-Bee's Best Combination Character

Had become a favorite character at the beginning of its release and even now, Alok’s popularity is not without reason. Its ability to restore HP and provide an aura that increases movespeed is indeed very useful.

Imagine if the aura was combined with D-Bee’s Bullet Beast. Where at max level can increase accuracy and movespeed by 70%. Of course it will make your movements even faster.

This will make it difficult for the opponent to follow the speed of your movement. And again, there are other benefits in the form of increased accuracy of shots so you can easily fight back.

5. Jay

D-Bee's Best Combination Character

D-Bee can keep us shooting with high accuracy even while moving. However, there is one problem that you may experience, which is running out of bullets and having to reload when it is critical.

But you can cover this weakness when you combine it with Jay. His ability can automatically reload weapon ammo when getting a kill. So you don’t have to worry about getting out of ammo even when you’re in a shootout with 1 squad.


Those are some Free Fire characters that are suitable to be combined with D-Bee. The arrival of these new characters can change the META and FF gameplay to be more interesting. So what do you think is the best character for D-Bee?

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