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Applications Suddenly Missing? 3 Ways to Get Out of Safe Mode on Android Phones

JSMedia – Have you ever installed all of the apps on your smartphone that suddenly disappeared? Even though we don’t feel like deleting it or resetting the cellphone, why can it all disappear? Maybe you accidentally entered safe mode.

Because if the smartphone is in safe mode, then all third-party applications will be lost and cannot be used for a while. Then how to get out of safe mode on an android phone?

What is Safe Mode?

How to Exit Android Safe Mode

Safe mode or safe mode is a feature that is usually available on every smartphone. This one feature will make the smartphone disable all applications that come from third parties.

So that when you enter this safe mode, only the factory default features can be used on Android phones. Usually the safe mode is used to repair the smartphone when an error occurs.

Then why are we suddenly able to enter safe mode? It could be that when you turn on or restart the device you accidentally press the button to enter safe mode. Usually for some smartphones you have to press the vol down button during the boot process.

But it can also be caused by an error in the smartphone system that you are using. So it will automatically boot into safe mode instead of normal mode. Then how to improve it?

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How to Exit Android Safe Mode

Indeed, this one feature is not widely known by Android users. So don’t be surprised if many are confused when suddenly all the applications disappear because they accidentally enter safe mode.

Don’t worry, because this is not a serious problem and is quite easy to deal with. We can restore all the lost apps by disabling safe mode. How to? please see the following explanation.

1. Restart Your Smartphone

How to Exit Android Safe Mode

The most common way to get out of safe mode on a smartphone or computer is to restart the device. This is the easiest way you can try. Normal device will automatically boot to normal mode when restarted.

2. Disable from Notification Bar

How to Exit Android Safe Mode

For some smartphones, when they enter safe mode there will be a notification in the UI. If yours is also the same, then you can use this feature to turn it off too. Just drag the system UI section then tap the turn of safe mode option.

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3. Reset Your Smartphone

How to Exit Android Safe Mode

If the tips previously shared have not been able to solve the stuck problem in this safe mode, then the last way you can try is to reset the device. Why? Because there may be bugs or errors on your Android system.

So it takes a factory reset process to return it to its factory condition. But it should be underlined that this process will delete all your data. So make sure to do a backup first before doing it.


That’s a brief discussion about how to get out of safe mode on an Android smartphone. If suddenly all the applications on your cellphone are gone and the words safe mode appear, then you can use the tips above. Hopefully this tutorial can help and be a solution to all of our problems. Good luck!

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