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Among Us.dev Custom Skins And How To Get It

Pikipo – For the Among us game players lately, you must have often heard the term Among Us.dev, Costum Skin or Dev Skin Among Us. Now for those of you who don’t understand these terms and is it true that we can get a Custom Skin Among us. the following dev I give an explanation.

For us, Among Us players, of course, you already know that the Among us game has a lot of cheaters. Yes, it’s only natural, this game is still not able to deal with the cheater problem and is still being developed by Innersloth as the game developer.

One of the cheats that is widely used in this game is the Skin cheat, where we can get or open all Among Us game skins, be it skins, pets, or hats for free. For those who don’t know how, you can read about it here.

Now, discussing the skin among us this time, the terms Dev Skin Among us and Costum Skin Among us often appear. Here’s the explanation.

Explanation of Costume Skin Among Us.dev

Explanation of the Costume Skin Among Us.dev and how to get it

Dev Skin Among us is a custom skin or skin that we can customize the skin as we like on the amongus.dev site and enter the skin into our Among us game account for free. You could say Among Us.dev is a site for doing skin generators.

The amongus.dev site itself also offers very unique Among Us skins ranging from Spiderman, Rainbow, Superman, Dinosaur, God and many others.

So now we know what Among Us dev Skin is about.

Is it Safe to Use Among Us.Dev Custom Skin?

As I’ve discussed before – this is actually a third-party application where there is no guarantee that it’s safe or not because this is a very detrimental thing for game developers.

I strongly advise you not to use this method because this is not a cheat that we can freely use like using the Mod Apk, but through other sites so in my opinion this is quite a high risk thing.

Many foreign sites also explain that the Among Us site is. This dev site is just a scam site because we are also asked for our account information and password, which is very dangerous.

For those who don’t know about scam sites, scam sites are electronic news on the Internet that lie and are deceptive, so that the sender will get certain benefits and advantages. So we must be very careful of sites that are not clear about our personal security.

How to Get Among Us.Dev Custom Skin

I have explained above about whether it is safe to use this method to get Among Us.dev Custom Skin, but for those of you who are curious and want to try it, you can try it yourself. Berkut are the steps.

2. Here there will be many Among Us skins and you are asked to choose one.

3. Next you click Generate to your device

4. Follow the steps to complete.

So, that was how to get Among Us.Dev Custom Skin. If you succeed, it can be confirmed that this is not a hoax.

Even so, it is possible that this site is just a phishing web where I have tried it and it never worked and stopped at the final steps.

For those who don’t know Web phishing is an attempt to obtain information on someone’s data by using phishing techniques. The data targeted by phishing are personal data (name, age, address), account data (username and password), and financial data (credit card information, accounts).

So that’s why I don’t recommend you to try to get a Custom Skin Among Us. this dev because it uses another website and there is no direct notification of the Among Us game itself.

A few tips for you guys that out there there are lots of phishing sites that are irresponsible and very detrimental to people.

So my message is to be careful on the internet, if there are suspicious sites and ask for our account password, don’t be in a hurry, try to be careful and find out the truth first.

So, that was the explanation of the Costume Skin Among Us.dev and how to get it.

So hopefully this article is useful.

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