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A Row of Most Interested Money-Making Android Applications

Jakarta Studio – Money-making Android applications are one of the most popular platforms, especially in a messy economic situation like today. The reason is, the application allows users to make some money just by using their smartphone.

5 Money Making Android Apps

Who would have thought that only using a smartphone could make money. Not by selling or opening an online business as usual, but by utilizing various applications that offer various rewards. Here are 5 Android apps that make money.

1. Cash Gift

Cash Gift is a money-making Android application that claims to have spent Rp. 13 billion for all users. These fantastic numbers are not the only reason why this platform is in high demand, but it has a variety of interesting features.

Another advantage of this application is that the payout amount is quite small, which is only 3 dollars. In addition, the redeem process is very fast, this is because it can be entered into a paypal account in just a few minutes. So it’s natural that Cash Gifts are in great demand.

2. Grab Points

You can use Grab Point as an alternative route if you don’t have enough storage space to install other types of applications. The reason is, using this platform allows users to still earn very easy money, namely just by watching videos and surveys.

Another method to make money through Grabs Point is to invite friends to download and use this application. Interestingly, just by watching Grabpoint TV, you can get rewards. For every minute duration, the user will get 20 points.

3. Cash For Apps

Cash For Apps is a money-making Android application that has a fairly simple method. From the very beginning of downloading and installing, you’ve earned points. Not only that, if you play various features in it, users are also given rewards along with some points.

For calculations, this application has a rule that is, every 300 points that are exchanged will result in one dollar. These points can be redeemed through several platforms such as Amazon, Starbucks, Gamestop, Best Buy, Google Play and many others.

4. AppKarma Rewards and Gift Cards

AppKarma is one of the most popular money-making applications, especially in Indonesia. This platform provides a wide variety of options when it comes to earning points. So users just choose to use which method or use all of them to get rewards.

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There are several ways that can be used to get points. Starting from downloading and installing applications, logging in regularly, inviting others through referral codes. In addition, you can take various Appkarma quizzes and share platforms to social media to earn points.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

If you don’t like things that are complicated, then you can use Google Opinion Rewards as a money-making application. The reason is, users only need to explain their opinions in the survey comments column, so they will automatically get rewards.

However, what you should pay attention to is that the opinion must be valid and filled out correctly. But don’t worry, the method is not difficult because the questions are very easy. The drawback of this application, the user must change the IP address like a VPN to change the location.

That was the discussion about some money-making Android applications. These platforms allow you to take advantage of your free time or when you feel bored by increasing your income.

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