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A Perfect Fit Players, Here's The List Of Players And Their Roles

A Perfect Fit Players, Here's The List Of Players And Their Roles

A Perfect Fit Player List – The world of cinema in Indonesia again presents one of its best film works, entitled A Perfect Fit. By presenting a classy cast and an interesting storyline, the film A Perfect Fit has become one of the films that has captured a lot of attention from the audience.

The presence of the Netflix Streaming platform is one way to continue to present quality films.

One of the films that has received a lot of attention from film lovers in Indonesia is a film entitled A Perfect Fit directed by senior directors Garin Nugroho and Hadrah Daeng Ratu. This film itself will air on Netflix starting on July 15, 2021 with an interesting theme, namely combining Indonesian traditions with modern culture.

One of the highlights of the film A Perfect Fit is the list of players and the storyline which is quite interesting to watch.

Storyline A Perfect Fit

The film A Perfect Fit is a film with the Romantic Comedy genre, which presents a blend of Balinese traditions and mederinity that is wrapped very well. The film A Perfect Fit tells the story of a fashion blogger named Saski (Nadya Arina) who accidentally changes her destiny while visiting a shoe store.

“Choosing shoes is like choosing a partner. If we feel comfortable with the shoes and their footing, then our steps and our lives will also be comfortable. So the love story is different because if it is usually from the eyes down to the heart, this is from the feet up to the heart. In A Perfect Fit,” said Hadrah Daeng Ratu.

“This is about how a woman looks for the best way for her life, determines the best choice in her life. Why are we writing this story, because choosing shoes is like choosing a partner, especially young people, so it’s a consideration, ‘is it not comfortable to be friends’,” concluded Hadrah Daeng Ratu.

A Perfect Fit Netflix Player List

The film A Perfect Fit can be said to have quite a lot of actors who play it. For the main character, there is Nadya Arina as Saski and Refal Hadi as Rio. In addition, there are several other players who become supporting actors in this A Perfect Fit film.

Here is the list of Netflix’s A Perfect Fif players:

  • Nadya Arina as Saski
  • Bryan Ahmad Fathoni Anes as little Rio
  • Giorgino Abraham as Deni
  • Laura Theux as Andra
  • Anggika Bölsterli as Tiara
  • Christine Hakim as Miss Hadra
  • Ayu Laksmi as Saski’s mother
  • I Made Sidia as Saski’s Father
  • Unique Priscilla as Rio’s Mother
  • Edi Salengko as Rio’s Father
  • Dominique Sanda as Deni’s mother
  • Mathias Muchus as Deni .’s Father
  • Karina Suwandi as Tiara’s mother
  • Fihrin Jerry as Tiara’s father
  • Yayu Unru as Mr. Ketut
  • Otig Pakis as Telik Sandi
  • Bryan Domani as Agung Gde, Deni’s younger brother
  • Dave Hendrik as Hendry
  • Wafda Saifan as Galih
  • Arif Alfiansyah as Ilham
  • Abdur Arsyad as Taxi Driver
  • Puja Astawa as Taxi Driver
  • Dayu Wijanto as Makassar Woman
  • Rina Hasyim as Makassar Woman
  • Jajang C. Noer as Mapaccing Shaman
  • Hamka DeVito Siregar as Beach Thug
  • Ahmad Ramadhan as Beach Thug

That was the list of players and their roles in Netflix’s A Perfect Fit Movie. For those of you who are looking for romantic comedy recommendations, you can choose A Perfect Fit as one of your choices.

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