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9 Tips For Those Who Have Difficulty Moving On

9 Tips For Those Who Have Difficulty Moving On

Pikipo – Breakup is painful, not everyone is strong enough to get through the breakup without shedding tears.

It’s as if one’s entire world, belief system, and happiness are turned upside down.

Forgetting someone you love is not easy, and it takes a good reason. But you can make it easier.

Improving yourself is one of the best ways to get over the pain you’re going through as a result of a breakup.

For that, here are some tips on how to quickly move on after breaking up. This method is very easy and certainly effective for you to try.

1. Closer to Allah

God is close to the brokenhearted. He knows what you are going through, and He is willing to heal your hearts if you ask.

So don’t let your love for your ex be higher than your love for your Creator.

2. Pamper yourself

It’s okay to indulge in pleasure, guilt once in a while, especially at times like this.

Treat yourself to the good things in life so that you are not burdened with situations that always make your mind restless.

3. Choose to be happy

Happiness is a choice. Condition your mind to make this every day.

Focus your mind not to think too much about Doi and don’t forget that you still have family, careers, and other priorities to keep your future going. Turn your attention to them.

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4. Focus on loving yourself

How can you expect others to love you completely if you don’t love yourself.

Love yourself before starting to love others. Try to respect yourself, don’t hurt yourself and your heart.

Remember, the pain will go away with time.

5. Find a new spirit

Even though a breakup is painful, don’t let it make you depressed.

Try to do your hobbies, and do productive activities that will help you find other positive things.

6. Be grateful

Of course, there are many blessings to be grateful for such as family, trusted friends, career, good health, or just the fact that you are still awake every day.

Breakup is also something you can be grateful for.

Try to think simple, for example, if he is your soulmate, one day he will come back. And if he is not your soul mate, then Allah has a better plan for you.

7. Enjoy your single time

There are many things you can’t just do if you’re in a relationship because you need your partner’s approval.

Do not immediately after breaking up looking for a new girlfriend. Respect your heart and respect your feelings too.

Singles have many advantages, especially freedom in doing anything. So before your heart is ready to receive a new one, first enjoy your single period while there is still time.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with people, or your friends who are positive and mature. It will have a very good effect on you.

Avoid people who have a negative view of the world. They will only convince you that life is not worth living.

9. Learn from experience

Don’t waste the tears and heartache you have right now.

The experience of heartache that you will experience will provide a very valuable lesson for you.

Decide to be your better self.

The best motivation might be to prove to yourself that you don’t deserve to be hurt. Boost your confidence and bring out the best in yourself.

Those were some tips that you can do to quickly Move On.

Find the best version of yourself because life is not just about love.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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