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9 Steps How to Unblock WhatsApp and Other Functions

Fingka.com – There are various reasons why you should block a contact in the app chat like WA. Generally because people send messages that are disturbing, terrorizing or even threatening. There are times when this can also stop. How how to unblock WhatsApp?

How to Unblock WhatsApp

How to open blocked WhatsApp contacts

There are several ways you can do to unblock WhatsApp. Generally this is because the person has stopped bothering or even has an interest in sending messages to him. Here are some steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp application on the cellphone

2. Search for blocked contact names

3. Make sure there are still blocked notifications

4. Notification that says “You blocked this contact”

4. Click the three dots icon on the top right

5. Click the More menu at the bottom

6. Click again in the Unblock menu

7. Wait for the icon loading stop spinning

8. Pay attention to the notification “You unblock this contact” appears

9. You have successfully opened the blocked contact

How to Clean Chat on One WhatsApp Contact Name

This one function is indeed often needed by some people who feel that their cellphone storage is full because they have a lot of them chat WhatsApp for a long time. This can also be the main cause especially if you frequently send pictures and videos. Here’s how:

1. Open your WhatsApp application

2. Click on the three dots icon

3. Go to the WhatsApp Settings menu

4. Click the Settings menu

5. Click on the Data Usage menu

6. Click again on the Storage option

7. Click on the Storage Usage menu

8. Display shows chat history on WhatsApp

9. Click on the name you want to delete

10. Click on the Free Up Space menu menu

11. Check the message type

12. Tick Text Message if delete chat

13. Put a tick on Photos if deleting images

14. Choose according to your needs

15. Pay attention to the MB size of each message

16. Click on the red Delete Item menu

17. Wait until the deletion process is complete

18. You have successfully deleted the message

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How to Export WhatsApp Chats in PDF Format

Many WhatsApp users are apparently still not aware of one of these functions. This feature is generally widely used for business people or official parties in storing chats and WA conversations more neatly. The export output is usually a .txt as well as a .PDF. Here’s how:

1. Open Google Playstore for Android

2. Type WPS Office in the search field

3. Click on the application in question

4. Click the Download menu to download it

5. Wait until the download process is complete

6. Wait until the application is ready to use

7. Open your respective WhatsApp application

8. Click on the desired contact name

9. Enter the chat room

10. Click on the three dots icon above it

11. Click the More menu at the bottom

12. Click on the Export Chat menu

13. Wait until the display appears pop up

14. Click the No Media menu to continue

15. Select Gmail when selecting media share

16. Enter your own email address in the field provided

17. Download incoming messages in email

18. Open chat via WPS Office

19. Click on the File menu to continue

20. Select the Export to PDF menu

21. Wait for the export to PDF process to complete

22. Select a storage folder to save it

23. You have successfully exported WhatsApp chat

Those are some ways to unblock WhatsApp, clear history chat to export WA chats to PDF format. These three can be considered as things that are still foreign and difficult for some users of this application, so it’s a shame if you don’t know about it.

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