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9 Most Sick & Strongest Mage Mobile Legend Season 17 September 2021

9 Most Sick & Strongest Mage Mobile Legend Season 17 September 2020

Pikipo – 9 Mage Hurt Mobile Legend Season 17

Mage is a Mobile Legend hero who has skills with high magic damage. That’s why the mage is one of the most popular roles in this Mobile Legend game.

In addition to having high burst damage, most mages also have Crowd Control skills which are very helpful for the team when they are doing war. Apart from these two reasons, mages are also in great demand because most mages are not too difficult to use like Gussion or Fanny.

For that, here are the 7 sickest Mages in season 17 in September 2021. This order is based on the level of damage and effectiveness in the existing meta.

1. Esmeralda

In first place is Esmeralda.

It’s no secret that Esmeralda is the strongest and sickest Mage in season 17. Despite repeated nerfs, Esmeralda is still very dominant in the current meta where she is a natural counter to the tanks and fighters that are currently being used a lot.

One of the advantages this season is being able to play as a midlaner or offliner so there is plenty of room for him.

2. Valir

In second place is filled by Valir.

Valir is a mage who can be said to be very difficult for opponents because of his 1st skill which can continue to be used if it hits the opponent. Although Valir’s skills are not Brust Damage, every Valir skill has a high slow or stun effect and it becomes a very disturbing thing for the opponent.

For his role, Valir is most suitable to be used as support for the Hyper Carry meta because it has high damage from the beginning of the game.

3. Cecilion

In third place is Cecilion.

Since the initial release until now Cecilion has remained one of the strongest mage heroes in Land Of Dawn. All of Cecilion’s skills are very annoying, starting from the damage, stun, and HP regeneration effects he has.

Cecilion will go crazy if he has entered the late game and after he has accumulated a lot of stacks. Twice hit by 1 Marksman skill, most of them will die.

4. Harith

9 Most Sick & Strongest Mage Mobile Legend Season 17 September 2020

In fourth place is Harith with his agility that is difficult to block.

Even though he has experienced many nerfs, both damage and shield effects, Harith is still one of the strongest mages in Mobile Legend.

With adjustments to the build and proper gameplay, Harith is still sick and very difficult to fight. Harith is also still often used as a Hyper Carry and is able to bring the team to victory.

5. Pharsa

In fifth place is Pharsa.

Pharsa is still one of the Mage’s choices that is used as support because it has high damage since the beginning of the game. In addition, Pharsa also has the skill to escape so that it can really help her to stay alive and roaming to friends who need help.

Pharsa’s ultimate skill has a very painful streak of damage if we are hit continuously. In addition, this hero is also very easy to combo with other heroes such as tigreal etc.

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6. Kadita

In sixth place is Kadita.

Kadita is a hero who relies on combos on her skills. This hero is quite difficult to master but his skills will be very painful if all his combos hit the opponent. In addition, Kadita is also difficult to kill because she has immune and passive skills that can replenish her blood.

7. Zhask

In seventh place is Zhask.

Zhask is actually a very strong Mage, but it is very difficult to play it properly. Zhask’s ultimate skill is one of the skills that hurts indiscriminately, whether it’s MM, Fighter, or tank.

However, because of its very slow mobility, Zhask is rarely in demand, even though if you are good at playing it you can easily win the game quickly.

8. Lunox

At number eight is Lunox.

Lunox is one of the mages that has the most damage. Damage to the Lunox skill is to ignore the opponent’s defense, so when facing an opponent with a high defense, the hero will remain soft when facing Lunox.

Lunox is rarely used in the current Meta because it is unable to compete with Hyper Carry, which is able to farm faster.

9. Kagura

In the last order there is Kagura.

Kagura is a Hero who uses an umbrella as a weapon. Has complete skills ranging from stun, damage and agility which makes it very difficult to kill.

Kagura has high damage, but must be combined with every combo you have.

Even though it’s arguably the best mage Kagura in Meta is currently very rarely used because the mana he has becomes very wasteful, and loses competitiveness with Marks men and Hyper Carry assassins.

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Those were the 9 strongest and sickest Mage heroes in this Mobile Legend season 17 game. Hopefully it can be a Hero reference that you will use for Push Rank.

All of the heroes above are sick as long as we know the build and the right way to play.

So, hopefully useful.

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