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8 Easy Ways to Top Up PayPal Balances from All Local Banks

JSMedia – Now PayPal users can top up their balance via bank transfer. Here’s a tutorial how to top up PayPal balance from all local banks.

Maybe not a few of you are new to this apk, PayPal is a virtual account company that offers online money transfer services. Before digital transactions are lively now, PayPal already exists as an online payment tool. Its use is very easy and not as complicated as managing an account at a bank.

Just like other accounts, users must also top-up balances if they want to be used as a means of payment. How to fill the balance is quite easy. Before proceeding to the tutorial, first consider the functions of PayPal and how to top up a PayPal account without a credit card.

PayPal Functions

PayPal Functions

Generally, Paypal is a method of electronic payment or online payment accounts, usually used by traders freelancer who have projects with foreign clients. They often receive dollar wages that will be sent to their PayPal account. Over time, PayPal developed into another common means of payment.

As a result, users who subscribe to PayPal continue to grow every year because of this. Users also don’t need to worry because the PP system is equipped with a 24-hour monitoring feature, so it is guaranteed to be safe. Besides being safe, PayPal balance exchange is the cheapest among other platforms.

Not only for sending money, now PayPal functions more diverse. Can be used for routine payments, monthly bills, installment processing to overseas e-commerce payments such as eBay, Alibaba, and so on.

If you want to use it, you only need to set up an email and internet connection as a prerequisite for registering. First, create a Paypal account on the official website. After that, connect it to the prepaid card you have. Once completed, the PayPal account balance can be filled immediately.

PayPal Balance Fill Solution from All Local Banks

PayPal Balance Fill Solution from All Local Banks

Although it can be used in general by the people of Indonesia, its features are still limited. One of them is filling the balance from a debit or credit card. While in other countries, you can easily top up your balance through both.

Isn’t at the beginning of the account registration the user is asked for a credit card number? Yes, but only for verification. Its use is still limited.

Therefore, users must find other ways to transfer balances from domestic banks. One alternative is to use PayPal top up services offered by third parties.

These intermediaries are usually managed by companies or individuals who have no relationship, either with PayPal or Indonesian bank companies. One of the recommended trusted providers is ViaPayPal.id.

Well, if you want to top up your PayPal balance via a bank account, follow the tutorial to the end.

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8 Ways to Top Up PayPal Balance from All Local Banks

8 Ways to Top Up PayPal Balance from All Local Banks

Actually there are many choices of using services that offer PayPal top ups. ViaPayPal id is one of the best, both in terms of service and price.

Just like PayPal, ViaPayPal id also does not make it difficult for its users. You only need a smartphone and internet connection to be able to use it.

The following is a guide on how to top up your PayPal balance with ViaPayPal id with a bank payment method.

  1. Visit the official website at https://viapaypal.id/
  2. Then, click the button that says “Buy PayPal Balance Now”.
  3. Then you will be directed to the WhatsApp application. You need to know that this platform only accepts WA messages for everything related to customer complaints.
  4. Next, click the Continue to chat button.
  5. In the WA chat, enter the nominal you have requested to CS ViaPayPal.
  6. Choose payment using a bank account, whether it’s BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri to Jenius BTPN.
  7. This balance transfer will be confirmed by CS via the chat room on WhatsApp beforehand.
  8. Requests will be processed as soon as 15 minutes, marked with an incoming message in your PayPal account.

Unfortunately this online PayPal balance delivery is sometimes not exactly 15 minutes. Disrupted balance delivery can be up to a maximum of 3 hours.

Before applying how to top up PayPal balances from all local banks described above, you should take a few minutes to read the ViaPayPal id policy. All listed in full on one page in the Terms and Conditions menu. In addition, there is also an Electronic Bank that you can use for many payments such as: Neo+.

Given these regulations may change over time, and to avoid the risk of digital problems that may occur when using them.

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