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7 Ways to Spin FF Hacker Store, Flood Prizes with Rare Skins

JSMedia – Free Fire is one of the online game which has a lot of fans. Starts from children to adults. FF has many interesting items. One way to get it is by participating in a prize event. In addition, you can also buy it in the store by buying diamonds with cash. Another way with ff hacker store.

This free fire hacker store can be used to get various items for free. To get these items at the hacker store, it can be done by using a secret trick in one spin but with a flood of prizes.

What is FF Hacker Store?

Before discussing how to spin the free fire hacker further, it’s better if you know what is called the ff hacker store? Free fire hacker store is actually an application from a third party that gives gifts in the form of diamonds or other interesting items for free.

7 Ways to Spin Free Fire Hacker Store Prizes Flood

7 Ways to Spin Free Fire Hacker Store Prizes Flood

This free fire hacker store spin can be done using Diamonds which must be obtained by purchasing using cash. There is also another way to get Diamonds for free through the devil ajit com free fire site. By having a lot of Diamonds, you can spin several times to get interesting items.

Then how to do so that once the ff hacker store spins but the prizes are flooded? Here are some of the most powerful ways to spin: free fire hacker store in order to get a lot of prizes. Let’s look at some ways.

  1. To do 1 spin requires 9 Diamonds
  2. Provide enough Diamonds
  3. After that, you can directly enter the event hacker store
  4. Then continue to click the news menu
  5. Continue by selecting the Emote Booyah event
  6. Just click the visit button
  7. Continue to spin at the hacker store by clicking spin

Meanwhile, in order to get many main prizes or what is known as Emote Booyah. One way is to do one spin, of course, requires a special trick that is the most powerful. That is, by doing the latest spin on the hacker store, here are some ways, let’s look at it.

  1. Enter first to the Hacker Store Emote Booyah event
  2. Continue by selecting the two types of prizes selected
  3. Then press the continue button to lock both selected prizes
  4. Continue by pressing the share button then click directly from the original browser on the internet smartphones.
  5. When you have entered the Hacker Store on the site, continue by holding down the screen
  6. Next, several menus will appear
  7. Then click the block button to block ads until there is only one prize left
  8. Then directly click the spin button
  9. If you manage to get the main prize to see it, go directly to free fire

For the types of prizes available in the Hacker Store or the latest Moco Store on Free Fire in general. Here are some types of second prizes in free fire, they are as follows. Let’s see what kind of prizes are there?

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  1. 4 Diamond Vouchers
  2. 4 Diamond Royale Vouchers
  3. Mystic Fox Backpack
  4. Gloo Wall Aurora Dragon
  5. Loot Crate M1014 Underground Howl
  6. Loot Crate AK47 Flaming dragon

That’s how to do a spin ff hacker store, just by doing one spin, you get a flood of prizes.

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