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7 Ways to Make IG Reels Have Song Lyrics on the Latest Instagram 2021

JSMedia – Now Instagram can bring up song lyrics automatically. If you want to try it, read till the end to understand how to make IG reels with lyrics on Android.

Recently, Instagram users are experiencing Reels fever. Its appearance makes Instagram even more perfect. With just one application, it’s enough to create various kinds of cool and aesthetic content.

Well, one of the newest features that is currently busy on IG is Reels. You shouldn’t miss the trend of making moving song lyrics videos on Reels IG. Try the following tutorial so that your IG story is more exciting and visited by many.

7 Ways to Make IG Reels on Instagram

7 Ways to Make IG Reels on Instagram

Through the Reels feature, you can create IG stories of music with song lyrics. How to make Reels IG stories with lyrics on Android is very easy to do.

  • First, open the application and then click on the Movie logo adjacent to the Profile.
  • Press the camera logo to create Reels. To start recording, press the white button in the center.
  • To insert photos and videos into Reels, click the blue plus button.
  • Set the duration then continue by pressing the Add button.
  • Then press Audio to add background music.
  • In addition to songs, you can also insert snippets or voice notes as you wish.
  • Once the setup is complete, click Share.

Why Are Reels Not Showing Up?

Why Are Reels Not Showing Up?

But, for those of you who can’t enjoy this feature, don’t worry. Analyze the causes through the following list.

  • Mobile devices are still using the old version of Instagram.
  • Instagram cache has accumulated too much.
  • IG account status is Business Account.

In order to enjoy the features of Reels, do this solution. First, update Instagram to the latest version. Second, clear cache in app settings. And finally, change the account status to Personal Account.

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8 Ways to Add Lyrics in Instagram Reels

8 Ways to Add Lyrics in Instagram Reels

With Instagram you don’t need to be good at designing or editing videos. You can create all aesthetic content with just one hand.

Same thing with making IG Reels with lyrics. You can make it through the story as follows.

  • Save the previously created Reels video.
  • Open the Instagram Story feature by swiping right on the main page.
  • Enter the Reels video earlier.
  • Next click Stickers at the top, then Music to add a song.
  • After that the lyrics will appear automatically.
  • Not only that, the format of the lyrics can also be changed as desired. Do you want to use karaoke lyric style, guruf that appear one by one, and many more.
  • Customize font with music and background. For example, if the music is loud, use a bold font style.
  • When it’s appropriate, save it for upload on Reels so that the audience reach is wider.

That was how to make a Reels video with lyrics guaranteed to increase engagement immediately and Auto Follower Add. Make the video on Reels or Story first, insert the lyrics with the Story feature and upload it back to Instagram Reels.

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