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7 Causes of Slow Android Smartphones and How to Overcome Them

Game – Currently, the use of smartphones cannot be separated from human life. Just with a smartphone, you can do various activities, make money, have fun playing games, do chores, and much more

With so many options on offer, smartphone users sometimes go too far to download various applications, so they often complain that their smartphone is slow. What are the actual causes of your Android smartphone being slow or slow? and how to fix slow android Here we will discuss one by one.

Causes of such slow smartphones

As time went on, many Android smartphones are equipped with high specs and large amounts of RAM, but there are still people who complain about slow smartphone performance. Is it true that Android smartphones are easy to slow down or are there other factors that make smartphones slow? Of course there is. To help you all overcome a slow android, the indovirtus below has several things that can cause a smartphone to go slow.

1. Forced to work across borders

Play games on your smartphone

Just like humans, smartphones also have limits in terms of their ability to work. Over-servicing a program, especially if it exceeds the specification limit of your smartphone, will surely make the smartphone slow. For example, if your smartphone only has 1 GB of RAM, use it to run games that have a minimum specification of 1 GB of RAM. Obviously it will be slow as all memory is used to run one program, although many other programs need free memory.

Also, avoid opening heavy applications all the time. Examples of heavy games should not be opened at the same time as heavy applications. Because the smartphone will make it so slow.

2. Cache left to build

Cache is stacking up

Basically, the cache on this smartphone is useful to speed up the process of running applications in the future. But if it accumulates for days without cleaning, it will obviously drain your smartphone memory. Get used to clearing the cache regularly via the Settings – Storage menu to free up space on your smartphone storage. We recommend cleaning your smartphone cache once a week or once a day if necessary. To clean the cache on Android, you can use various applications available on the Playstore such as Clean Master, Chace Cleaner, DU Speed ​​Booster, CCleaner and many others.

3. Internal memory full

Internal memory full

If your smartphone’s cache has accumulated too much, one of the effects is that the internal memory is full. Because it is full, you cannot run an application. When the internal memory is full, the applications on your smartphone will have difficulty storing new data, resulting in a slow smartphone.

Tips from us so that the internal memory of your smartphone does not fill up quickly, delete unused or rarely used applications on your Android smartphone. And for even better use, the microSD slot with a size that is large enough to expand the memory even further. For better use, use the microSD slot to save photos and videos as well as music files on your smartphone and to keep application data in the internal memory.

4. Too many apps are running in the background

the app runs in the background

One of the things that differentiate smartphones from featured phones is their ability to multitask. On Android smartphones, we can easily switch from one application to another that was previously opened from the Recent Apps menu. But with this feature, it actually fills up the RAM and of course your smartphone’s performance becomes slow. Usually the chat application often runs in the background so you can still get the latest news. Mimin’s advice is to only use one chat application on your smartphone. Don’t install a lot of chat applications so your smartphone RAM is full

The more applications stacked in recently used apps, the more RAM is used by applications running in the background. To stop it, you should force or disable unused applications from the Settings – Applications menu.

5. Outdated operating systems and apps

How not to make Android slow
Always keep your operating system up to date

Typically, developers regularly provide updates to the applications they develop to keep the application running better. Obviously, if you’re still using the old version of the software it will feel slow. Not only applications but also the operating system (OS) need to be updated in order to improve the performance of your smartphone. Always routinely update the latest applications and operating systems to keep your smartphone from slowing down.

6. Don’t use widgets too often

Widgets on Android can increase RAM consumption
Different types of widgets on Android

With the widget you can get information from an application directly on the home screen and that of course also beautifies the Android home screen. However, using too many widgets can significantly increase RAM consumption. With a lot of RAM consumption, your Android will be slow. The solution is to use the widgets that you think are important, just one to three widgets will do.

7. Use your Android’s default theme or launcher

Different types of launchers available in the playstore

Perhaps some of you are using different themes to spruce up the look of your home screen and Android navigation. It can be anime-themed, flower-themed, and even anime-themed that are widely available on the playstore. The fact is, using different third-party themes can also increase RAM usage. For this you should use the standard standard theme from your Android.

The last word

Most of the reasons that Android smartphones are slow is due to the small amount of RAM embedded in the smartphone. For this reason, smartphone manufacturers are competing to sell smartphones with larger RAM capacities. The latest smartphones come with large amounts of RAM, on average, so you no longer have to worry about slow words. If there is anything you want to ask or add tips to help you overcome slow Android, please write it in the comments column and we will respond to your comments as soon as possible

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