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6+ Ways to Overcome WA Voice Notes Can't Play

Fingka.com – Sending voice notes is one of the features found in WhatsApp. With this feature, we can send voice messages to other WhatsApp users. Later the recipient will be able to hear the contents of the VN. However, sometimes we can’t play WA voicemail received. What caused it?

This kind of thing happens quite often and is experienced by many people. Even though we still have a lot of internet quota, when we play the voice note, we receive it but it won’t sound. As a result we do not know what the contents of the voice message. Then how to solve it? Please see the solution for voice notes that cannot be played below.

Causes of WA Voice Note Not Beeping

If a problem occurs, there must be a cause, as well as this WA voice message that has no sound. Even though we have played and the internet quota is still there, why doesn’t it want to spin. What is the problem? Usually there are several things that often cause this. It can be in terms of the network or problems with the smartphone and the application itself.

So that’s why Jakarta Studio will discuss it in full. We will find out what causes VN Whatsapp cannot be played until the solution to overcome it. Curious? Just take a look at the following explanation.

How to Overcome WA Voice Note Failed to Play

How to Overcome Whatsapp Voice Notes Can't Play

If you are experiencing the same problem, don’t panic. Because there will always be a solution that you can find at Jakarta Studio. Instead of getting more curious, here are some tips for dealing with VN Whatsapp that can’t be played.

1. Restart your cellphone

We start with the easiest and simplest way first. But also often this method is a solution for various kinds of problems on Android smartphones. Try to turn off or restart HP first. Who knows this way can overcome the WhatsApp voice note that can’t be played.

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2. Check Network Condition

Unlike text messages that can be read directly when they are received, WhatsApp voice notes still require an internet connection when they are played. So make sure that the network is in good condition and your internet quota is still remaining. Because this will greatly affect whether voice messages will be able to be played or not.

3. Turn Up Speaker Volume

There are also many incidents where when we play the voice note but no sound comes out. And it turned out to be only because the speaker volume was too small or even zero. So that even though we have played WhatsApp voice messages, no sound will come out. Therefore, try to increase the volume level of your speakers so that the sound is louder.

4. Plug in the Headset/Earphone

If you have turned up the speaker volume but there is no change, try using a headset or earphones. There could be a problem with your speaker so it can’t make sound when playing Whatsapp Voice Notes. You can try using additional tools such as headsets and check whether the voice notes can be heard.

5. Turn off Proximity Sensor

What is a Proximity sensor? If you are on a call and then put the cellphone to your ear, the screen will automatically turn off. That’s the function of this Proximity Sensor. Where it will automatically turn off the screen when approaching certain objects. Usually this sensor is located at the top of the smartphone screen near the speaker phone.

So what does that have to do with WhatsApp voice notes? Many cases occur where this proximity sensor has an error. So that it automatically turns off the screen even though it’s not near any object. As a result when we play VN WA it will stop automatically because the screen turns off too. So, to fix this, you can turn off the proximity function in the smartphone settings.

6. Give Microphone Permission

Each application must require access permission to some functions on the smartphone. For example, to access contacts, camera, storage to microphone. And many accidentally disable those permissions causing them to not work perfectly. Please check it out Settings > Apps > Whatsapp > Permissions > Enable Microphone.

That’s a brief discussion on how to solve WhatsApp voice notes that can’t be played. Hopefully the above trick tips can be a solution for voice messages that don’t want to sound when played. If anyone has other tips, please share them in the comments column. Don’t forget to also visit Jakarta Studio to always get other interesting info.

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