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5 Ways to Overcome Telegram Videos Cannot Be Downloaded, Run Smoothly!

JSMedia – Now the telegram application is widely used, especially for sending large files or videos. However, not a few also experience problems, such as Telegram videos can’t be downloaded.

Telegram is very popular because it has unique features that are not available in other applications, one of which is that it can accommodate many numbers in one group and also large files or videos can be sent completely.

When there is a problem in downloading a video, surely many will wonder what the problem is and how to overcome it so that it can be downloaded again.

5 Reasons Why Telegram Can’t Download Videos

5 Reasons Why Telegram Can't Download Videos

When downloading a video, the video will automatically download and play. However, what happens if the telegram video can’t be downloaded? Actually there are several obstacles that hinder it.

  • Telegram Servers down – Sometimes the telegram server is experiencing down. At such times, some of the features in the application cannot be run, making it difficult to access services from Telegram.
  • Telegram Cache Full – Another obstacle can be due to a full telegram cache, because a full cache can hamper telegram performance, thus hampering the video to be downloaded.
  • Telegram Not yet Updates – Telegram that hasn’t been updates also affects the telegram video cannot be downloaded, because of the latest version of the application to further improve performance and the addition of new features that were not in the previous version.
  • Too Many Channels – Users can check the channels they follow on Telegram, because if there are too many, the presence of these channels will prevent the video from being played or downloaded.
  • Problematic cellphone – In addition to the problems mentioned earlier, it turns out that a problematic cellphone is also the cause of the video not being able to download. Users can make sure the cellphone used is problematic or not.

5 Ways to Overcome Telegram Videos Cannot Download

5 Ways to Overcome Telegram Videos Cannot Download

The way to solve telegram videos can’t be downloaded is not difficult. Users only need to know what the problem is, then they can do the following ways to solve it.

1. Looking for Information

What can be done if the telegram server is experiencing down is the user can search for information, whether the telegram server is really down or not. If it’s really down, then the user must wait until it returns to normal.

2. Clear Cache

Users can clear cache that has accumulated due to previously downloaded files or videos. Here’s how to clear the cache in Telegram.

  • Open telegram
  • Select the 3 dots menu in the top left corner
  • Select menu Data and Storage > Storage Usage
  • Select menu Clear Telegram Chache, then select Clear Cache

3. Immediately Update Telegram

If the telegram used is still an old version, the user must immediately downloadupdates through Play Store or App Store, due to delay updates the application will reduce its performance so that it is not optimal.

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4. Deleting Multiple Channels

Users should delete some channels that have not been used for a long time or are not very important. Here’s how to delete or leave a channel in the telegram app.

  • Open telegram
  • Go to the selected channel
  • Select the 3 dots menu in the top right corner
  • Select menu Leave Channel

5. Restart Hp

If the problem is caused by a problematic cellphone, the user canrestart cellphone or turn it off for 10 minutes, so that some applications can rest their performance first.

If still video telegram can’t be downloaded, then the thing that can be tried is by reset the cellphone and cellphone will return to their initial settings so that there is no load that causes problems.

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