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5+ Ways to Get Married on RP Telegram, Married a la Idol

JSMedia – Have you ever heard the term RP? RP is a person’s role in a fake life, with a fake role too. Like a role they admire or idolize.

The RPs here usually use characters such as western idols or Korean idols. When playing the life of his idol, RP must focus and be serious about the character he chooses. Some people think that playing RP is useless and a waste of time, but this is not the case for certain role players.

By becoming a role player, it will make life more fun and become entertainment for someone.

Similar to real life, RP can also engage in various activities. Some of the things that role players can do are go to school, date and even get married. Then how how to get married on RP Telegram And when can this event take place? Well, because it’s not a real marriage, then you can do it through social media, one of which is Telegram.

Can I Get Married on RP Telegram?

Can I Get Married on RP Telegram?

Although not in real life, the role player can marry according to the character he has dreamed of so far.

Your wedding event in the world of role players can be a very lively event, attended by many guests and of course it will be happy. Maybe this can be one of the entertainment for those of you who don’t have a partner in real life.

Even so, there are several conditions that must be met in order to get married in RP Telegram.

Some Requirements for Marriage in RP Telegram

Some Requirements for Marriage in RP Telegram

The conditions that you must fulfill are of course simple and general in nature. The first requirement is a Telegram account. So, before marrying a Telegram role player, you must have an account first.

The second and most important requirement is to have a partner. The pair in question is a partner in the RP world, so it doesn’t have to be a real couple in the real world.

The third requirement is to be in the same group. If you and your partner who are getting married are in separate groups, then what you have to do is create a group that contains a couple and several witnesses.

The last requirement is to invite guests, leaders and MCs. In addition to these conditions, for some cases of marriage, certain conditions must be met.

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5+ Ways to Get Married on RP Telegram

5+ Ways to Get Married on RP Telegram

If you are really interested in getting married on Telegram, and have met the requirements above, then the next thing to do is as follows:

  1. First, open the app Telegram on your phone.
  2. If you have, then you will be on the main Telegram screen. Type @KUArp in the search field. KUArp is a channel created specifically for marrying role player couples. Tap join on the channel’s page.
  3. If you have already joined, then next you must also join the KUA bot, namely @KUARPBOT.
  4. Click star to book a wedding.
  5. After that, you need to enter the data on how to get married. Such as the date of the wedding and who the couple will marry and so on.
  6. Finished.

By fulfilling some of the requirements above, you can try how to get married in Role Play. Your dream wedding can be designed to be as lively and exciting as possible with famous characters present. If there are still things that are not clear, you can ask about the systematics of marriage on telegram with the KUA bot. Good luck.

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