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5 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best Anime of the Decade

5 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best Anime of the Decade

Pikipo – Currently the anime Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is in the middle of hype and its popularity is increasing along with the final season or season 4 which has been airing since last December 2021.

The anime manga by Hajime Isayama is very popular and has many fans since the manga was published in 2009, while the first season of the anime itself aired in 2021.

Here we have our own reasons why the Attack on Titan anime is the best anime in this decade or at least since the 2010s until now.

Entering the 2010s era, the anime world cannot be said to have experienced a setback, because quite a few cool anime have appeared. However, Attack on Titan is the one that stands out the most and grabs the attention of anime lovers around the world.

Broadly speaking, Attack on Titan tells the story of humanity who takes refuge and survives behind high walls from the attack of a savage giant named Titan. But as the story progresses, the premise changes.

There are several reasons why the Attack on Titan anime deserves the title as the best anime in a decade. Here’s a brief review.

1. Brilliant Story Idea

5 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best Anime of the Decade

Before there was an astonishing plot twist in season 3, the premise of Attack on Titan was as if the genre was post-catastrophe and humanity was on the verge of extinction and surviving the giant Titans. Within the walls are governments and armies whose duties are divided.

But as the story progresses, the mystery begins to unfold. It turns out that the world in Attack on Titan is actually normal. The cause of the chaos was the conflict between the Eldia and Marley nations that had been going on for thousands of years.

In the story of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama deserves to be called as one of the genius and brilliant mangaka.

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He is able to change the plot of the story very smoothly and make the story much more interesting and certainly tense.

2. Interesting Characters

5 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best Anime of the Decade

Just like One Piece which has a lot of characters, Attack on Titan is the same.

Various characters appear here and all of them get their respective portions and characters.

Maybe there are some minor characters who just hitchhike and die quickly. Yes, what can I do, Bang Haji likes that when he’s joking.

In addition, the main characters such as Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, etc., also attract a lot of attention from fans.

The one that stole the most attention, of course, was Lipai aka Captain Levi, who became the idol of female fans and the Adam on Attack on Titan. But yes, I have to admit, Levi is really cool.

3. Strong Political Elements

5 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best Anime of the Decade

As mentioned above, Attack on Titan has changed its premise since season 3 to become a conflict between humans and has a strong political nuance.

The once superior Eldian nation, became the target of the anger of the Marleys. On the other hand, King Fritz (King within the walls) wants to make “peace” by making the residents inside the walls forget their memories.

The remaining Eldians in the country of Marley were allowed to live as second-class citizens, were discriminated against, humiliated, and became a pathetic race.

Stories like this certainly become harder to digest and make us have to think hard until we have to watch the video again to understand.

4. No unnecessary fillers

5 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best Anime of the Decade

In contrast to long running anime like Boruto which has hundreds of unimportant episodes, Attack on Titan does not have a single filler episode and purely follows the plot of the manga.

Although Attack on Titan has a very high popularity, the studio does not want to increase the number of filler episodes in an effort to make more profit. Maybe they realized it would only spoil the story.

5. Unusual Protagonist

5 Reasons Attack on Titan Is the Best Anime of the Decade

The main characters in anime are generally described as angelic, optimistic, and have the spirit of a hero. For example, Naruto who became a hero not only for his country but the whole world.

This is not found in an Eren Jaeger. At the beginning he vowed to eradicate the Titans because his mother was eaten by Titans in front of his own eyes. Then his oath changed again to massacre humanity outside the island of Paradis.

From the beginning we must realize that Eren’s motivation is revenge, not being a hero, that’s why at the end of the story Eren becomes the enemy of all humanity outside Paradis Island.

Those are some of the reasons why the Attack on Titan anime deserves to be the best anime in the last decade.

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