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5 List of Prayer Guidance Applications, Learning Guides to Be More Serious

JSMedia – In Islam, prayer is one of the obligatory acts of worship performed 5 times a day. Unfortunately, there are some Muslims, especially converts and children who have difficulty doing it. As a solution, there appear many prayer guide application which can be studied independently.

5 List of Prayer Guide Applications

5 List of Prayer Guide Applications

Existence prayer guide application This is also proof that technology can be used as a medium for da’wah and learning. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with using technology to help teach prayers just by looking at Android.

Some application guides for performing fard or sunnah prayers that are of sufficient quality and easy to learn are:

1. Complete Prayer Guide

This application has a very light size, which is only 8.9 MB. Even so, its users to date have reached more than one million. In fact, more than 50 percent of users gave a positive rating of this application. Some of the advantages offered in it are:

  • Using visual images of prayer movements that are very clear.
  • Each prayer reading that is presented is accompanied by authentic hadiths on which to base it.
  • Equipped with prayer readings using Arabic and Latin letters.
  • Very light application.
  • Prayer readings have been classified based on the sequence of movements.
  • Equipped with clear audio.
  • Accompanied by the guidance of sunnah prayers.

2. Complete Prayer Guidance + Latest Audio Dhikr Prayers

The hallmark of this application can be seen from the image icon that uses purple color and is a picture of people doing prayers. The number of users has made this application several times to update to satisfy its customers. The advantages offered in this prayer application include:

  • Can be used offline without spending internet quota.
  • Audio readings of prayers and prayers are clear and free of traffic jams.
  • Equipped with guidance for the plural taqdim, takhir, and qashar prayers.
  • Using Arabic and Latin readings equipped with translations.
  • Easy to use application.
  • Simple design.
  • Audio is equipped with pause, play, mute, and playback features to simplify the memorization process.
  • Accompanied by the science of fiqh related to prayer.
  • There is a description of the benefits of all prayer movements.

3. Complete Prayer Guide and Offline Prayer

Although the number of users is not up to 100 thousand people, the application prayer guide application it gets a high rating and many positive ratings from its users. With a size of only 28 MB, the following advantages can be felt by those who use it.

  • The application is easy to understand and understand for all people, including children.
  • Audio can be listened to offline.
  • Use complementary images in the order and reading.
  • There is a feature to enlarge the page so that it can be seen more clearly.
  • Make it easy for users to copy or paste certain readings.
  • Accompanied by the correct way of purification before praying.
  • There are additional dhikrs and prayers that can be read after prayer.

4. Practical Complete Prayer Guide

As the name implies, the design and appearance of this application is much simpler and very practical to learn. The features provided have also been designed attractively so that they cannot be understood by beginners. Excess application these compared to others are:

  • The size of the application is very light and can be used for all types of Android.
  • All movements, intentions, and prayer readings have been separated based on the type of prayer.
  • Using images of real people.
  • Equipped with knowledge about the meaning of prayer, tayamum, and ablution.
  • Equipped with material related to the virtues of ablution and prayer as well as the wisdom.
  • Equipped with sunnah prayer material that is often done.
  • Using Latin Arabic script and its translation with standard fonts.

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5. Guide to Fardhu and Sunnah Prayers

Compared to previous prayer applications, this application has the largest size, reaching 40 MB. Of course, this larger size offers more advantages that make it successfully downloaded by more than one million people.

Some of the advantages of this fardhu prayer application that make it highly recommended to download are:

  • All features, readings, images and audio are clear and can be used offline.
  • It has undergone 8 updates that make its performance maximal and complete.
  • Compulsory prayer guidelines are classified as subuh, zuhur, asr, maghrib, Isha, and Friday prayers.
  • Accompanied by a complete sunnah prayer guide, up to 16 types of sunnah prayers.
  • Equipped with morning and evening dhikr and their meanings.
  • Equipped with several short verses in the Quran that are easy to apply in prayer.
  • Accompanied by the motivation of the hadith related to the reward of those who pray.
  • Discusses in detail the mistakes that often occur when praying.
  • There is a discussion related to the fiqh of prayer which is packaged in the form of questions and answers.
  • Using Arabic letters that are clear and commonly used in the Koran.
  • Accompanied by Islamic stories from the prophets, companions of the prophet, and scholars of hadith.

Apart from 5 prayer guide application above, there are many applications Best Digital Quran which can be downloaded for free. However, not all applications are of quality and can be studied without supervision. Therefore, when downloading the prayer application, you should get supervision from people who already understand religion.

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