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5 Choices of Stress Relief Android Karaoke Apps

Jakarta Studio – The availability of an Android karaoke application is an alternative way to relieve boredom besides playing games. With karaoke, it is the choice of many people when they feel tired and even stressed due to a busy day’s activities

5 Choices of Android Karaoke Apps

For those of you who like to sing, it feels like the presence of an Android karaoke application is a breath of fresh air. Because without having to bother visiting karaoke places, these activities can be done at home even anywhere and anytime. Here are 5 Android karaoke apps.

1. Smule

Smule is a karaoke application that is quite popular among people who like to sing. By using this application, you will not only enjoy it by yourself, but you can also take advantage of the duo feature to duet with other Smule users.

Using Smule is fairly easy. You just need to find the song you want to sing, then karaoke can start. Interestingly, while singing, users can record it and share it on various social media, even to the Smule community itself.

2. Yokee

Yokee is a karaoke application that uses a database so that it has a large number of songs from YouTube. There are thousands of types of songs with various genres that can be enjoyed in this application. Starting from Pop, dangdut, the latest RnB to the 70s and 90s.

Yokee has a sing and record feature that allows users to record and share it on various social media. For its use and appearance, this application is not so different from smule, it is simple and easy to use.

3. SingPlay

SingPlay is an Android karaoke application that utilizes a list of songs on the user’s smartphone. So this application automatically converts your playlist into karaoke format. There is no special trick to do this, just press the mic button, karaoke can start.

Interestingly, by using the SingPlay application, you can enjoy karaoke while reading the available lyrics. However, it must be ensured that the lyrics of the song are registered in the application or you can also add them through the SingPlay feature, namely add lyrics.

4. The Voice – On Stage

The voice on stage is a karaoke application launched by StarMaker Interactive. This application presents a concept by taking the theme of the famous talent search event, The Voice. So that it indirectly gives a different sensation when singing.

The voice on stage not only invites you to karaoke, but there are several games or challenges in it, such as completing songs according to notes. In addition, after singing, users can share their karaoke videos to various social media.

5. Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live may already be familiar to gamers. This application is an adaptation of a guitar hero game, only now the developer is making a new breakthrough that can be used for karaoke. A new sensation of singing while playing games.

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If in the old version, in these games the players just play a guitar. For the newest one, there is now another vocalist available. When you karaoke with this application, it will act as a vocalist in these games.

That was the discussion about the Android karaoke application. Karaoke is an alternative in finding entertainment and relieving fatigue after a full day’s activities. Hopefully the explanation above can be a reference when you want to karaoke.

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