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4 Ways to Download Movies on Iflix, Save Iflix Movies to HP Gallery

Fingka.com – Filling boredom can indeed be overcome with streaming various titles movies, Korean dramas, anime and many more. You also have the opportunity to try some method download movies on Iflix so that the viewing experience does not have to depend on internet access.

1. How to Save Iflix Movies to HP Gallery

Of course, you’ll need to download the Iflix app first before you can try the next few methods. First of all, the movie that will be downloaded will be saved to the cellphone gallery so that it can be watched many times without having to require an internet quota. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Iflix application on your cellphone

2. Find the movie you want to download

3. Click on the search field on the top side

4. Type the title of the movie and then click enter

5. Choose a movie title

6. Click the Download icon on the movie page

7. There are three video quality options available

8. Choose according to your memory capacity

9. Click the Start Download menu at the bottom right

10. Wait until the download process is complete

11. Make sure the quota and internet network is smooth

12. Check again whether the movie is successfully saved in the gallery

2. How to Download Movies on iFlix Using a Laptop

You can also download it only from a laptop. The method is also easy, both of which have to install the iFlix application first before having access to the Internet download millions of movies in it. The steps are as follows:

1. Open a web browser on your laptop

2. Click on the search field

3. Type Download iFlix then click enter

4. Select on one of the provider sites

5. Click on the link to download it

6. Wait until the download process is complete

7. Wait for the laptop to successfully install it

8. Open the iFlix app and do it log in

9. Use a Gmail or Google account to make it easier

10. Make sure the account registration is successful

11. Enter the movie menu

12. Select the movie you want to download

13. Click on the movie

14. Scroll down the screen and click the Download button

15. Click on the down arrow icon

16. iFlix will provide 3 download qualities

17. Please select the desired quality

18. Click Start Download to download it

19. Wait until the download process is complete

20. Look for the downloaded file in the My Downloads folder

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3. How to Show Subtitles or Subtitles in iFlix Movies

How to Download Movies on iFlix

For those of you who like to watch western films or other foreign countries, most of them are still having problems with the conversation. Unfortunately, after the download is successful, many iFlix users can’t display the subtitles so annoying when watching it.

1. Go to the iFlix app

2. Use a PC to make it easier

3. Find the desired movie

4. Click on the missing movie subtitles

5. Click button play or play

6. Click the paragraph illustrated script icon

7. The icon is at the bottom right of the screen

8. Click the icon to display subtitles

4. How to Subscribe to iFlix

For those of you who want to get full access to various types of movies on iFlix, then you can choose to subscribe for a certain period. Of course, the viewing options are much more varied when compared to ordinary users. Here’s how:

1. Make sure you have iFlix installed

2. Open the iFlix app

3. Do it log in use account

4. Register for an account if you don’t have one yet

5. Get a free trial for new users

6. Click to start subscribing if the free period runs out

7. Choose the period you want

8. Choose a payment method

9. Subscription to iFlix was successful

Those were some of the ways download movies on Iflix at once with how to show subtitles and extend premium access. You can also try to download it while you are bored.

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