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4 Ways to Check Credit 3 Using Calls, SMS, Bima+ Application, UMB Code

Fingka.com – Developments in the field of technology are indeed increasing, especially in terms of telecommunications. Now there are many providers that create various innovations to facilitate the needs of their customers. One of them is with how to check pulse 3.

1. How to Check Credit 3 by Using Calls

The first method below is very easy because you only need to type in a few digits and then wait for the notification message to appear. This step is also chosen by most people because it is considered quite practical when they want to check credit. Here are the steps:

1. Open your cellphone

2. Go to the Call menu or Dial

3. Enter the code *111# on the screen

4. Press the Call icon to continue

5. Wait until the notification window appears

6. Select on the Check Credit menu

7. Wait a moment

8. A notification of remaining credit will be displayed on the screen

9. Another way is to replace the code with *111*1#

10. Click the Call icon

11. The code goes directly to the Check Credit menu

2. How to Check Credit 3 by Using SMS

Not only using via telephone, you can also find out the remaining 3 credits via SMS. This method requires that each user know what the message format is and the sender number. The steps are as follows:

1. Open your cellphone

2. Go to the SMS Message menu

3. Click on the icon to create a new message

4. Type INFO Data

5. Send to number 234

6. Wait for a while to receive a reply

7. SMS will display the remaining credit

8. SMS also displays the active credit period

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3. How to Check Credit 3 by Using the Bima+ Application

How to check credit 3

For those of you who already use a smart phone, either Android or Smartphone, then you can download the application in the form of Bima+. Its function is not only to check the remaining credit, but also other needs such as buying internet quota or even hunting for attractive offers.

1. Open your cellphone

2. Make sure you have downloaded the Bima+ App

3. If not, open the Play Store or App Store

3. Click on the search field

4. Type Bima+ then click enter

5. Click on the application in question

6. Press the Download button to download it

7. Wait until the download process is complete

8. Make sure the app is ready to use

9. Open the installed Bima+ application

10. Next, register on the number

11. Enter the number 3 installed on the cellphone

12. Follow the steps until the verification stage

13. Reopen the Bima+ app

14. The remaining credit is listed in the username section

15. Also know information about the active period of credit

4. How to Check Quota 3 by Using UMB Code

The remaining credit is certainly related to the internet package that you are currently using. Don’t forget to check it regularly to minimize running out when you need it. The following method is also quite easy to do where users only need to memorize the code and the steps.

1. Open your cellphone

2. Go to the Call menu or Dial

3. Type on the screen the code *111#

4. Wait until the notification window appears

5. Select number 4. Check Quota then click OK

6. Select number 2. Data Quota then click OK

7. Select number 1. Check Quota then click OK

8. Choose number 1. Regular Data Quota

9. Finally, click OK to continue

10. Wait a moment

11. Notification of remaining quota is displayed via SMS

12. Also check when the active period is

Those were some ways to check credit 3 and remaining internet quota using either the dial code, SMS or Bima+. Download and install the application to make it easier for all your needs when using the provider such as buying packages, getting purchase discounts and others.

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