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4 Greatness of God Usopp One Piece

4 Greatness of God Usopp One Piece

4 Greatness of God Usopp One Piece

Pikipo – One Piece anime lovers must know Usopp. Usop is one of the most important characters in the One Piece story.

Although he looks the weakest among his friends but in reality it is not so. Usopp is actually a very strong character and has a very high loyalty to Luffy and his friends.

Usopp is famous for his funny and very timid behavior. With his big talk, he sometimes makes the enemy believe and fear him, isn’t it funny hahaha.

Usopp became very strong after the time skip and he returned to the Straw Hat Pirates after they were scattered and trained for 2 years. Here Usopp managed to learn various moves through the seeds of plants that are very unique. He became a reliable sniper like his father even though Usopp only used a weapon in the form of a slingshot.

Well on this occasion I will discuss about the greatness of Lord Usopp where he has an important role in saving the Straw Hat Pirates.

1. Usopp has good luck and a strong immune system. Usopp’s luck is always proven where he often finds hidden facts in a problem he is facing. even though he often fell first but he was always able to get up again and even he was able to defeat key enemies that made his team difficult such as Daruma, Sugar, and Perona.

2. Usop is a savior in critical times. In the Dressrosa arc, Usopp became the savior of the toys that were transformed by Doflamingo and until he was nicknamed God Usopp. Even though he didn’t expect it, but with the title of God Usopp, many people feared him.

4 Greatness of God Usopp One Piece

3. Usopp has Kenbunshoku Haki which he can activate when shooting from a great distance and allows him to hit the target even if it’s from an impossible distance. Although he still hasn’t fully mastered it but he will definitely master the haki and become one of Luffy’s strongest Nakama.

4. Bonuses. Usopp has 8000 followers ready to help him. Sounds terrible for people – people who do not know the figure of God Usopp. The 8000 troops who are ready to help are one of the aphorisms of Usopp who is known as a big liar. But after all these years, all his lies are just a delayed period in this anime. In fact, every lie from Usopp became a reality over time.

So, those were the 4 strengths of God Usopp that maybe you should know that Usopp is one of the most important characters in One Piece that we shouldn’t take lightly.

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So, I hope this article is useful.

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