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3 Easiest Ways to Uninstall Office 2021 to Root and Clean

JSMedia – If you want to change or upgrade the Office 2021 version on a laptop or computer, it’s good to know How to uninstall Office 2021 first. Why should it be like that? Because if there are two versions of Office on one device, the format of the written document can be messy.

Until now, Office has 4 versions that are most widely used by computer and laptop users, namely:

  1. Office 2021
  2. Office 2021
  3. Office 2021
  4. Office 2010

3 Easiest Ways to Uninstall Office 2021

3 Easiest Ways to Uninstall Office 2021

For example, if you want to upgrade Microsoft Office 2021 to 2021, the 2021 version must be uninstalled first. After that, you can only install the 2021 version on the device. In most cases in Indonesia, users only delete Office on Local Disk C only.

So, don’t be surprised if you save documents in the latest Office, letters, and writing become messy. For that, you must uninstall Office 2021 so that the new Office is not disturbed. There are various methods that can be used. Here’s a summary:

1. Uninstall Via Click to Run

The first method can be done with Click to Run. For the complete tutorial, you can follow the following tutorial:

  • Entered into Local Disk C.
  • After that, go to Program Files.
  • Locate the Microsoft Office folder installed on the computer.
  • Right click on the folder
  • choose Delete
  • open Command Prompt.
  • Type the following code exe/delete/tn “Microsoft/Office.
  • Go to the Task Manager menu with Right click Toolbar.
  • After that, select Start Task Manager.
  • choose Process.
  • Click menu Setup*.exe, Firstrun.exe, Appvshnotify.exe, Officeclicktorun.exe.
  • choose End Process.
  • To remove Office 2021, open Command Prompt
  • insert sc delete Clicktorunsvc.
  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type %ProgramFiles%.
  • Press Enter.
  • Uninstall Microsoft Office already installed on the device.
  • Press Window + R
  • Type %ProgramData%Microsoft.
  • choose Ok.
  • Delete ClickToRun folder.
  • Press Windows + R
  • Type %ProgramData%Microsoft/Office.
  • Remove FFPackageLocker.

After completing the above steps, next you need to remove Microsoft Office 2021 from Registry Editor. This step is quite difficult so it requires higher accuracy. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type regedit.
  • Press the arrow in HKEY_Local_Machine>Software>Microsoft.
  • From the Microsoft folder, you can enter Windows.
  • Select menu CurrentVersion.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • Determine the version of Office you have installed on a computer/laptop device.
  • Right click the folder
  • choose Delete.
  • Go back to the Microsoft folder.
  • Enter the AppVSIV folder.
  • Delete the folder.
  • Back again to the Microsoft folder.
  • Entered into Office folders.
  • choose 0 (this depends on the version of Office you are using).
  • Click ClickToRun.
  • Delete on ClickToRun folder folder.
  • Enter folder Hkey_Current_User.
  • Enter menu Software.
  • choose Microsoft.
  • choose Office.
  • Delete the already displayed folder.

This method is a bit time consuming and you have to be careful. But if successful, Office 2021 is completely erased from the device. Next, you just have to install the Office you want

2. Uninstall Via Control Panel

Uninstall Via Control Panel

How to uninstall Office 2021 The next step can be done using the Control Panel service. This method is easier because it is not related to the famous Registry Editor which is very complicated and requires high accuracy. To apply it, follow the tutorial below:

  • Open the Control Panel menu via Windows.
  • Press Alt.
  • Select Tools at the top left.
  • Select Folder Options.
  • Go to page Views.
  • choose Show Hidden Files.
  • Uncheck the section Hide extensions for known files.
  • choose Ok.
  • Press Windows + R and enter %Windir%Installer.
  • Right click and point to Sort By.
  • Click Sort by Subject.
  • Delete all .MSI files which has Microsoft Office written in the Subject section.
  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type MSc.
  • search Office Source Engine.
  • Right click the file.
  • choose Stop.

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3. Uninstall Using the Uninstaller Application

This method is the easiest because it utilizes additional software. It’s just that, you have to download the application first. There are many uninstaller applications that can be used.

For those who want to download, please click the following link https://aka.ms/SaRA-officeUninstallFromPC. After the application is downloaded, follow the following tutorial:

  • Open the downloaded application
  • Click Run.
  • Follow the instructions to the end.
  • Define Microsoft Office that want to be deleted.
  • Wait until the uninstall process is complete.
  • Install new Office after Office 2021 was deleted.

How to uninstall Office 2021 so diverse that it must be adapted to each user. You just choose which method is easiest to implement. Do not miss a single step, yes, so that no failure occurs.

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