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2 Ways to Create Google Forms, Make Registration Forms More Efficient

JSMedia – Have you recently filled out online forms a lot? Well, one of the platforms that allows making these services is Google Forms. Then, how how to make a google form easy to do?

It is very easy to create online forms through this Google platform. Google Forms allows you to create event registration forms, questionnaires, surveys, collect data, and more. No wonder this platform is very useful for convenience in today’s digital era.

2 Ways to Create a Google Form

Users can create Google Forms easily, both on PC/laptops and Android smartphones. So, this platform can indeed be accessed easily on both devices. The use of Google Forms is increasingly widespread in various circles.

Not a few who prefer to fill out forms online because it is considered more practical. It’s no wonder that in this digital era, you should understand how to create Google Forms. This will help you create a questionnaire or data collection.

For those of you who want to create online forms with Google Forms, consider the following ways:

1. Using a PC/Laptop to Create a Google Form

1. Using a PC/Laptop to Create a Google Form

The first way that can be done is for those of you who often work with laptops. Not a few who use this method to complete work related to data collection. So, the process of creating this online form has steps that are not difficult to follow.

  • Make sure you already have a Google account, then visit the following page: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0.
  • Create a New Google Form with a click plus icon (+) which is in the lower right corner.
  • Next, create a question by going to the Questions tab first.
  • Do not forget to enter the title of the form in the column provided.
  • In section Form Title, there are several questions that can be made as needed.
  • There are several types of answers that can be entered later, for example short answers, multiple choice, and answers in the form of paragraphs.
  • In addition, you can also take advantage of the features File Upload if the desired answer needs to be accompanied by attachments (photos, PDFs, documents, etc.).
  • Set the file type as needed and include the minimum and maximum size of attachments that can be uploaded.
  • Customize the layout if needed, for example in the Color Plate feature to color the form. After that, click the button Preview to see the results of its implementation.

After creating an online form, you can send a Google Form link to publish it. There are several ways that can be done for this publication stage. Send by e-mail, either one or several e-mails at once.

In addition, users can also share forms that have been created via links. The link can be accessed publicly so that anyone can open it.

Sometimes the links that are created are indeed too long, so you can shorten them with the Short URL option. If the URL has been shortened, it will be easier to share it.

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2. Create a Google Form Using an Android Smartphone

2. Create a Google Form Using an Android Smartphone

The next method to create a Google Form is with an Android phone. This method is also quite practical because Google Forms can be accessed easily via mobile devices. Basically, the steps that need to be done are not much different, namely:

  • The first step that needs to be done is login first to their respective Google accounts.
  • After that, open Google Forms link to fill in the questions, answers, and available options.
  • If the online form has been filled in as needed, you can share the Google Form link via the cellphone you are using.
  • Users can submit Google Forms to WA, FB, and other platforms easily.
  • You do this by clicking the arrow icon if you want to send it via email.
  • Meanwhile, to share it on WhatsApp, click chain icon then select Short URLs.
  • Copy URL to share it across multiple platforms.

If you follow the steps above correctly, you can see the results from Google Forms. Responses from quizzes, surveys, or data collection can be viewed. That way, you can see the details of the answers given.

How to make a Google Form The above can be used as an appropriate reference for those of you who want to collect data online. You can access this platform easily using a laptop or Android. Make sure the questions are filled out correctly with the answer choices that suit your needs.

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