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14+ Updana com Money Making, Will It Scam?

JSMedia – The latest DANA balance generating site, Updana com offer great interest up to 5% per day. Is it really not a scam? Here’s the full review.

Money-making apks are often used as an alternative source of pocket money during a pandemic. One of the intermediaries, namely Updana.

Based on information from the official website, Updana is a place where you can make mutual profits from and for the community itself.

The apk that was released recently will provide a fairly high interest just by investing. If you join as a member, it’s not you who work for money, but money that will work for you.

Because it’s profitable for its members, here’s a guide if you’re curious about this one FUND-generating site.

4 Ways to Register Updana com

4 Ways to Register Updana com

In order to invest here, you must register first. It’s easy as follows.

  1. Open the Chrome browser or Internet Explorer on your phone.
  2. Copy the following link and enter in the search engine: Updana Money Producer
  3. Select Register, then fill in some information in the form of full name, mobile number registered with DANA, and finally create a password.
  4. Click Join.

After registration is complete, the balance increases to 10 thousand. After that, make a package purchase and a final withdrawal.

7 Ways to Use Updana com

7 Ways to Use Updana com

You need to know that Updana members are still few, which is around 3000 people. If you want big profits, this is the right time. Because not many have joined, investment interest is easier to get.

In addition, you can also get a bonus of Rp. 100 per day until the hundredth day. Even if it’s a little, it’s still profitable because you don’t have to do any missions.

In this money-making app, you don’t have to do tasks like watching videos, playing games, and other time-consuming activities. You only need to make a deposit starting from 50,000 to 5,000,000 rupiah, then get a 5% profit from the investment.

Updana also doesn’t force you to deposit because this moneymaker also offers a zero rupiah free investment account that is valid for 100 days. This is why many people are interested in joining Updana.

To make more money, follow these guidelines.

  1. Select the Investment menu.
  2. Then select the Add Investment option.
  3. After that, choose a payment method with DANA or through a bank.
  4. Choose the Basic package or any other plan you want.
  5. After entering the investment amount, click Pay.
  6. Transfer money to Updana according to the nominal written down.
  7. The money that goes into Updana will be automatically managed as an investment.

Not only investment, Updana also offers referral bonus benefits of up to 7%. The more people who register, the more your investment profit from Updana money maker.

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4 Ways to Withdraw Updana com

4 Ways to Withdraw Updana com

After the balance has accumulated quite a lot, continue the withdrawal process as follows.

  1. To withdraw your DANA balance on this site, click the Withdrawal menu.
  2. Register a DANA account, such as entering the account number and user name.
  3. Enter the nominal balance that you want to transfer to the account. Minimum withdrawal 50,000 rupiah and maximum 1,000,000 rupiah with a 10% admin fee.
  4. Click Withdraw and the balance will be sent within minutes.

If something goes wrong, try the above guide again a few hours later. Or, contact the administrators in Telegram groups. The trick is to click Help, then join the Telegram group.

Is Updana com Safe and Not a Scam?

Is Updana com Safe and Not a Scam?

In updana.com states that users cannot get a capital guarantee. This risk has indeed become the hallmark of the investment game if you make a wrong move.

Meanwhile, the Updana team only acts as a manager. This manager will be given a 10% profit from each member’s withdrawal.

Do you now understand where the income comes from? Of course from new members and your deposit will be used to pay old players. This application is likely to be a scam or will not pay, it could be that in paying you will be directed to complete missions that are impossible to complete like money-making Egawork.

Updana com also seems unsafe because there is no official statement from DANA for this collaboration. The money you deposit as an investment lure is used up to pay for members who have already joined. Because the game system is a money game, there is a high chance that this application will be a scam.

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