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13+ How to Set Margins in Word, Print to Fit Paper Without Complicated

JSMedia – When you want to create a document in Word, for example, such as a paper, thesis, article, or journal, of course there are standard rules that must be met. For example, such as paper size or margin size. How to set margins in Word need to be done before creating the document.

As it is known that the margin is the distance between the edge of the paper and the page contained in Microsoft Word. Setting the margins before creating a document needs to be done with a purpose, so that the results look good and neat.

13+ How to Set Margins in Word

How to Set Margins in Word

Margin settings are done at the beginning because if the margin settings are done at the end of writing a document, this will greatly affect the writing of the document. Theses, journals, papers, or other official documents use A4 paper size.

The following are easy steps to adjust the margins of a thesis or paper, namely:

  • In the first step you should open a new document on Microsoft Word.
  • When it is open, please select Menu Tab Page Layout in the menu bar.
  • After that, click on the small box in Menu Page 1. It’s in the lower right corner.
  • You can also click on the section
  • After that, select Custom Size.
  • The next step will appear in the form of pop-up settings pages to the first thing that appears is the margin setting.
  • you need enter numbers on the margin to be replaced. The numbers that need to be entered are top 4 cm, right 4 cm, left 3 cm and bottom 3 cm.
  • If you have made the margin settings on the Microsoft Word page, then you can adjust the margins paper size.
  • How to click on the
  • If you have, please select Paper Size or A4 size.
  • When you want to fill in a number, you can fill in the size, which is 29.7 cm in height and 21 cm in width. Thus, the paper size will be A4 size.
  • If you want a faster process, please click here Paper Size after that select
  • Press the button
  • Now you can use the margins in Word to the size you need.

5 Thesis Margin Features in Microsoft Word

5 Thesis Margin Features in Microsoft Word

If you already know about how to set margins in word, now is the time for you to recognize the features that are in the margins of the thesis on Microsoft Word. There are 5 Margins, which technically can be measured in size.

In order not to be confused when practicing the method above, you need to identify the 5 features in question, including:

1. Top Margin

Top margin is a margin that has a function to provide the distance between the paper to other parts of the paper. The word top gives the meaning that this is the paper distance limit at the top.

So if the page is written at the top, the bigger the number will also be bigger. If there is no page numbering, then the size will be further reduced.

2. Margin Bottom

The margin bottom feature gives space to the right side of the paper. Its function is to provide distance and space for the volume. In order to be symmetrical, it is necessary to cut.

Therefore, if there is a cut in the printing of the text part of the manuscript that is in it, it is not cut off and is safe.

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3. Margin-Left

The paper space on the left is referred to as margin-left. In general, this section provides a larger space. The reason on the left is intended for script binding. Thus, when the manuscript is bound, the boundaries of the text on the part of the manuscript still look symmetrical.

4. Margin-Right

The margin right feature is the paper distance on the right. This margin right in the manuscript will not be bound. For this reason, the right margin is generally much smaller, while in thesis manuscripts the margin-right is 3 cm.

5. Margin Gutter and Margin Gutter Position

Margin gutter has a function to help users adjust the left margin in the fold space. While the gutter position can help to determine the location of the binding. At the top left there are two choices of margin gutter and margin gutter position.

In fact how to set margins in word can be done quickly and very simply. However, many people do it wrong by setting the margins after typing is complete. In fact, this actually makes writing messy and troublesome for you later.

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