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12th Pre-Employment Open, Here's How To Register To Be Accepted!

Fingka.com – The Pre-Employment Card Program has been confirmed to continue in 2021. Pre-employment card registration for batch 12 is ready to open. In the previous year, this program had attracted the public’s attention. Many people flocked to register for this pre-employment card program.

This is not without reason, because there are many who want to get incentive money from the program. But of course many of you will be disappointed because you haven’t passed the pre-employment card program in batches 1 to 11. But don’t worry, because it’s confirmed that this program will continue and registration for batch 12 will open soon.

This will certainly be an opportunity for those of you who may not have been lucky before and did not qualify. Then when will the 12th batch of pre-employment card registration open? Of course you want to know and don’t want to miss this info, right? Therefore, please see the full discussion below.

Understanding Pre-Employment Card Program

Maybe some of you are just now finding out what the pre-employment card program is about. This is a program from the government in order to reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia. This pre-employment card program seeks to improve the quality of human resources by providing job training.

In addition, pre-employment participants will also receive an incentive of 2,550,000 which will be distributed for 4 months. This program has received a lot of positive responses from the community. Many flocked to join to register as participants. But of course not all of them were successful, because there were several conditions and criteria so that we could pass.

When is the 12th Batch of Pre-Employment Registration Open?

12 Pre-Employment Card Program Registration

To date, this pre-employment card program has reached 11 waves of registration. And of course each wave has its own koota. So that not all applicants who submit can pass immediately. Many also fail because they do not meet the requirements or are simply unlucky. And they are trying to try in the next waves.

Well, fortunately, this pre-employment card program can certainly continue. So that it can open up opportunities for those of you who previously failed. Then when will the registration for the 12th wave of pre-employment card program be opened? Until now there is no official information, so we can only wait. However, it can be confirmed that wave 12 is about to open.

Why should you try again in this 12th wave? Because this is a good opportunity for those of you who haven’t passed. The chances of success will be greater because those who have passed in the previous wave will not be able to register again. So this 12th batch will be a golden opportunity for those of you who have never passed the pre-employment card program.

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Requirements for Passing Pre-Employment Card Program

Lots of people fail to pass the pre-employment card program because they don’t know the requirements that must be met. So it’s useless to register repeatedly if you still don’t meet the requirements and qualifications, then we will never pass. Then what are the requirements to pass the pre-employment card program?

There are quite a number of terms and conditions that apply to participants in this program. This is intended to make this program more focused and well targeted. So that people whose intention is just for fun to join the list will not pass. For more details, you can see Pre-Employment Card Program Terms and Conditions on the official website.

How to Register for the 12th Pre-Employment Card Program

So if you want to try your luck again in the 12th wave of pre-employment program registration, then you must know how. So that later when the registration process has been opened, you will no longer be confused. The following is a complete tutorial on how to register for the pre-employment card program:

1. Open the program’s official website Pre-employment.
2. Click on the Register Now option.
3. Fill in the required data.
4. Make sure your name, email, password are correct.
5. If so, it’s time to confirm the email.
6. Open the email inbox and click the verification link.
7. After that we have to send a photo ID card.
8. Make sure photos and data are clearly visible.
9. Next, enter your mobile number and confirm.
10. Check the sent OTP code and verify it.
11. So here the registration process is complete.
12. The rest, just wait for the announcement process.

Notes :

Make sure that all the data you enter is correct and original. Because it will greatly affect whether you will pass or not. Do not use fake data or other people’s data without permission. Because the participant selection process will be more stringent.


This is a complete discussion of the procedure for registering the pre-employment card program. Hopefully with the information above you don’t miss information about when the 12th batch of pre-employment card registration opens. For those who didn’t pass yesterday, they can try again in this wave. Good luck and good luck!

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