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12 tips for starting an adventure in Genshin Impact

Game – Genshin Impact is an open world RPG themed game just released by a video game developer based in China, miHoYo. As with RPG games in general, there are several things you can do in Genshin Impact. Starting with exploring the giant Teyvat, adventuring with anime-style characters, completing missions, and much more. For those of you just starting out on your Genshin Impact adventure, here are some useful tips from Game on how to play Genshin Impact

1. Use map markers

You can give up to 99 pins on the map

The world of Teyvat is very wide and full of mysteries, sometimes you will find secrets that are difficult to solve. You may need certain elementary skills, better stats, or you may not be smart enough to understand the puzzles. Whatever the reason, use pushpins on the map to mark locations. You can also use this pin to mark the location of a rare resource so you can come back to it later. You can set up to 99 pins to mark important locations on the map.

2. Dispense resin as quickly as possible and do not refill it often

Resin is an essential resource that can be used to open gift boxes when battling elite bosses or completing ley line challenges. Resin fills every 8 minutes in less than 24 hours (120 resin), so we recommend not topping up with Primogems too often.

3. Talk to any NPC for a secret mission

One of the NPCs in Genshin Impact

Most RPGs are awash with NPCs who serve absolutely no other purpose than to provide you with useless dialogue. Not so with Genshin Impact. Many characters have secret missions or sell you rare items. Because of this, it’s a good idea to talk to existing NPCs, especially if you’re in the wild. At the very least, they may have a clue of the mystery you are trying to solve.

4. Don’t upgrade all characters

Knowing which character suits your play style is a good idea. You can choose one or two characters and then increase their power to the maximum. Materials for increasing character strength are very limited and quite difficult to come by. So it’s better to have one character at maximum strength than having a lot of characters that haven’t been upgraded.

5. Don’t use wish for characters too often

In line with point 4, Game recommends that you don’t use wish (gacha) too often to get characters unless you are really targeting specific characters. It’s a good idea to take this opportunity to get a gun.

6. Unlocked co-op function at level 16

You can use this co-op feature to play with other Genshin Impact players. So you can go on an adventure hunt with up to 4 players. You also don’t have to worry about prizes when defeating the elite boss as all players will receive prizes but the prizes will be given out randomly.

7. All features will be unlocked when you reach AR Level 20

You will not unlock all of the main features until you reach Adventure Rank level 20. So the most important thing to focus on while playing Genshin Impact is increasing your Adventure Rank (AR).

Here is a summary of the features you will get once you reach a certain Adventure Rank level:

AR 8: Ley Line Blossoms (a kind of world boss)

AR 12: More leyline flowers and daily missions

AR 14: Expeditions where you can send unused characters to get resources

AR 16: multiplayer cooperation

AR 20: Spiral Abyss, large multi-story dungeons and battle tickets for extra loot

AR 22 and 27: More dungeons (called domains)

8. Maximize the use of elemental reactions

The next no less important tip concerns the element system in Genshin Impact. You can practice switching characters during combat to get reactions to the elements of each character. Also, determine the combination of each element so that the damage generated is maximized, so that it is easier for you to defeat monsters.

9. Use your wishes when you have collected 10 wishes

Gift of wishes 10 times at a time

In any game that includes a gacha feature, it is common knowledge to wait and collect lots of gems and do gacha 10 times at once instead of doing it just once. This is because in 10x Gacha you get a guarantee on an item or a high level character.

10. Roll again if necessary

In gacha games, there is generally an option to do the first gacha for free. ReRoll is an activity where if the results of the first gacha we get are not satisfactory, we can delete the data and recall from the first until we get satisfactory results. You can roll again, although it will take about 15-30 minutes each time you try.

11. Statue of seven to save on food

You can use the Statue of Seven feature to replenish a character’s HP that is almost depleted in order to save the existing supply of food. After battling a monster or mini-boss on the map, it is better to go to the Statue of Seven immediately. This allows the food you have to be used in co-op or solo against elite bosses on the map.

12. Tips for mining

You can reduce impact in Genshin

Characters who use the greatsword will break the stone faster. If you go into the mining industry, it is a good idea to bring a greatsword wilding member as it will be very helpful. If that failed, the amber blast doll’s ability would destroy most of the ore veins almost instantly.

Those were some tips and tricks on how to play the Genshin Impact game, since this game has just been released there are of course many other guides on how to play Genshin Impact that Game has not summarized and don’t worry, we will keep updating this article in the future. If you have any more tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section. Thanks, see you soon!

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