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12 tips for caring for and maintaining the battery life of gadgets

You must feel like the device’s battery is leaking or damaged. Especially if the gadgets used have been used over a long period of time. We usually replace the battery when it is damaged. This will of course be very annoying. So there is nothing wrong with taking care of our smartphone and tablet batteries at an early stage. Here are tips for extending the battery life of smartphones and tablets.


1. Use the battery saver / Bosteer application

The battery saver application is very useful for maintaining and managing your battery, e.g. ..

2. Maintain battery temperature

Always maintain the battery temperature or temperature, do not let the battery temperature get too hot. If the battery gets too hot over time, the battery will swell and cause your gadget’s operating system to degrade. Immediately stop using the battery if it is hot

3. Set the lighting / brightness of the gadget to the lowest point

Too much lighting quickly heats up the device and consumes a lot of battery power. Change the exposure to the lowest mode. If it’s uncomfortable, your eyes will adjust / get used to the lowest lighting in a couple of days

4. Avoid LowBat

Perhaps most people prefer to charge the device when it is LowBat. Charge the battery before it reaches 15%, which is why your gadget will always warn you when the battery is at 15%

5. Deactivate the vibration function

We recommend turning off the vibrate feature if the profile you are using already uses tones or tones for call notifications or other notifications of incoming messages. Because it is not effective if you use both functions together because you have enough of the voice function.

6. Do not use gadgets when it is charged

maybe this is the hardest admin to do: D. You should not use gadgets to run applications, especially playing large capacity games when the gadget is charged. Admin experience, while playing COC and at that time there was a war going on, suddenly the battery was only 5%, charged immediately and continued playing, which caused the battery to warm up quickly

7. Do not charge the gadget until it is full

If you’ve always believed that you should always charge the battery 100%, it turns out that partially charging the battery is much better. The lithium-ion batteries used by smartphones and tablets have different “charging cycles”. The best way to extend the cycle is to charge the battery at 40% and stop charging when the battery is at 80%.

8. Never use a counterfeit charger

Counterfeit chargers or KW chargers are cheaper than the original charger. However, charging with a KW charger can damage the device’s battery, it can even damage the device’s hardware and can harm the user. So, to avoid this damage, some manufacturers like Apple use third-party battery chargers to ensure that users are using the original charger.

9. Do not use a live and colorful background image

Moving wallpapers or screensavers will drain your battery when the gadget is in standby mode. So avoid using moving wallpapers or screen savers. It is better to use full black wallpaper only

10. Close apps and games after use

When we use gadgets, we can usually open multiple applications at the same time. For example, if you play games, chat with BBM as well. So always look at the applications that are still open and close the ones that are not in use.

11. Do not charge the device when it is still hot

Charging the battery when it is hot will damage your battery. Avoid charging the battery when the battery temperature is high, e.g. B. after playing games. Wait for the battery temperature to drop, then charge it

12. Long term storage

If you do not intend to use the gadget for a long time, you need to make sure that the smartphone’s battery is charged to around 50% before turning it off. If you are going on a long trip, make sure you keep it in a cool place with a temperature below 32 degrees Celsius. If you want to keep your gadget for more than six months, it must be charged to 50% every 6 months or the battery must be removed from the device.

Some information about “12 Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Battery Life on Gadgets ” hope it is useful thank you

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