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10 Ways to Transfer Money from Neo+ Bank to the Latest DANA Without Admin

JSMedia – Bank Neo+ is currently being talked about a lot. Reportedly, the bank with the cat logo can transfer to DANA for free. These are the ways to transfer money from Neo+ bank to DANA, fail-proof and definitely easy to do.

It can be said that this pandemic period is a period where digital transaction activities increase. People are forced to shift their mobility on line. Learning activities, work, all activities depend on the internet.

In order to support financial inclusion with the government, this bank which was once a retired military bank has now transformed into a digital bank for the general public.

Rumor has it, a bank whose name is still foreign in society is holding a profitable event, where users can make money easily. The good news is that Bank Neo+ facilitates transfers to e-wallet FUND. Here’s a full discussion of the easy way money transfer from Neo+ bank to DANA.

10 Ways to Withdraw the Neo+ Bank Application Balance to DANA

10 Ways to Withdraw the Neo+ Bank Application Balance to DANA

Although still new, Neo bank is ready to serve its customers. The application is already available and can be downloaded at smartphone Android. Its use is quite easy like mobile banking in general.

Here’s how to transfer balances from the Neo+ Bank application to DANA.

  1. First, click the Transfer menu.
  2. Then, click the Transfer option again.
  3. Enter the name of the Recipient Bank to select Bank CIMB Niaga.
  4. Next, enter the DANA account number with the code 8059 in front of it.
  5. Select History in the upper right corner.
  6. Type the amount of money to be transferred, then press Continue.
  7. Wait for the OTP code to enter, then Send.
  8. Then you will be asked to create a 6-digit PIN to confirm the transfer.
  9. After clicking the Confirm Transfer button, re-enter the PIN that was created earlier.
  10. Return to main page. If the balance decreases, it means that the money has reached the DANA.

10+ Ways to Fill Fund Balance from Neo Commerce Bank

10+ Ways to Fill Fund Balance from Neo Commerce Bank

In addition to direct transfers using the Neo+ application, top up DANA balances from Neo+ Bank can also be done through the DANA application.

  1. Open the DANA app to send your DANA balance from Neo+
  2. Select Fill Balance on the main page.
  3. Select the From Other Bank option.
  4. Click the Virtual Account Bank option.
  5. Then copy the code that appears to be filled in your Neo application later.
  6. Then open the Neo+ application to make the transfer.
  7. Select Transfer, then enter First Bank for the Recipient Bank Name option.
  8. Next, enter the bank code + DANA account, for example: 852808xxxxxxxxxx
  9. Enter a minimum transfer of 10 thousand.
  10. Fill in the notes if necessary and then recheck the transfer destination.
  11. Select Confirm Transfer as the final step.

6 Advantages of Using Neo+

6 Advantages of Using Neo+

Neo+ Commerce Bank (BNC) is one of the banks that facilitates transfers without admin fees to all banks. Plus a sophisticated system that is useful for developing business, especially for users.

For those of you who plan to register at Neo+ Bank, here are some lucrative offers if you join as a user.

  • Although dense, the appearance of the application remains user friendly and easy to use.
  • Data related to customers will be guaranteed safe with special features.
  • Not only to DANA, zero rupiah transfer fees apply to all banks.
  • Can transfer up to 300 million per day.
  • There are always interesting promos, one of which is a free balance of 20 thousand for every Neo+ referral code
  • Savings with 6% interest and deposits with 8% interest every day.

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Neo+ Application Transfer Failed Solution to DANA

Neo+ Application Transfer Failed Solution to DANA

If it appears “Server is under maintenance” it means the application is under maintenance. Don’t worry if the notification appears, because the application will be able to be used in a few moments.

Meanwhile, if a problem arises such as, the balance is reduced but the transaction is recorded as failed, then you only need to submit this via Instagram Bank Neo+ at @bankneocommerce, not the Call Center. Remember, via Instagram, not a phone call.

The service will be processed immediately in a few minutes. The money that failed to transfer earlier will be immediately returned to your Neo+ balance.

To withdraw balance from Neo+ Bank to FUND this doesn’t take long. You only need 5 minutes as long as the internet network remains stable. Before you send, you must know Fund Account ID for further certainty.

The application is also equipped with transaction records that can be accessed on the Transfer History menu. From there you can find out what money is coming in and money going out. Wait until the delivery status appears, so there is no double transfer.

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