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10 Characteristics of a True Gamer, Finally Really Ngenes

Pikipo – Playing games is one of the most enjoyable activities and is liked by almost all men. Someone who really likes to play games is usually called a Gamer.

Surely you know that this gamer is willing and very willing to spend a lot of time just to play the games he likes without getting bored.

So from here, who of you are gamers, both claiming to be gamers and real gamers?

If you are a real gamer, of course, you have the following 10 characteristics.

10 Characteristics of a True Gamer, Finally Really Ngenes

10 Traits That Real Gamers Have

1. Have High Intelligence

The first characteristic is mostly owned by gamers. Gamers usually have high intelligence, especially the logic that is often used in games. Sometimes someone who is not good at school is even better at playing games than people who are good at school problems, this is the advantage of a gamer where his talent is more right brain, which is more creative.

2. Not so romantic, but loyal

Well the second is certainly often we meet. A gamer is actually a loyal figure. Yes, how about being unfaithful, his partner is often left playing games, so he rarely thinks about cheating.

3. Likes to come up with unique ideas

A gamer often comes up with unique ideas because he relies more on the right brain to think creatively. But even so, most ordinary people sometimes find it difficult to accept their creative ideas.

4. Get used to staying up late.

A gamer must often play their games at night until the morning. That’s when they feel calm and comfortable because there are no outside disturbances. That’s why gamers are very comfortable when invited to stay up late.

5. Memorize the location of the letters on the keyboard.

A true gamer, of course, they will be very familiar with the positions of the keys on the keyboard because they have used them very often. Even when playing games they are required to press complex keyboard keys without having to look.

6. Likes to say words that are difficult for ordinary people to understand

this also often happens where they have often or used to use these words when playing games. So get them used to it.

7. If you have played the game, you really don’t like to be disturbed.

Now for the seventh one, we must have known for ourselves how the reaction of a gamer who we disturbed when he was playing a game was cool. I’m sure he’ll be angry.

8. Most people are quiet in the real world, but not in cyberspace.

Most gamers are quiet people and are unable to express themselves in public, but even so, in the game world, they are very active and interactive with what is around them.

9. Never give up and patient enough.

A true gamer certainly has these two traits. Never give up and be patient is one of the keys to success as a gamer. We know for ourselves, just the name of the game, of course we also need luck and hard work to get it. Especially if we want to be the best player in the game.

10. Mostly Singles

Well, this last one is the most awesome. Most gamers are singles. This is a fact where boys especially, they are definitely mostly single. Not because they don’t sell, but because they prefer their lives and spend more time playing games, while ordinary people think they are boring.

The final word

That was the discussion about the 10 characteristics possessed by true gamers. So do you have these characteristics?

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