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Vale support or full damage while playing Mobile Legends?

Which one do you choose, make it a valley of support or harm if you rely on the hero to play with Mobile legends?

The unique skills make Vale attractive to players MLBB All the more so at this point as the buff he received has increasingly pushed this hero, described as his brother Valir, into the game meta.

Vale itself has 2 skill options that you can use when using it in the game. There’s a CC skill that makes him a support hero, and there’s also a damaging skill that makes him a mage hero.

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You can choose this skill when you reach a certain level, especially when you reach level 4.

Vale Support or Magician?

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Now back to the game situation, did your teammates need Vales full support with their CC skills?

Or full of damage with high burst and slow effects? So the answer is that it depends on the situation and advice from your teammates.

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But if the advice of SPIN Esports itself You use Vale full damage when there are already a lot of CC heroes on your team so that your skills don’t fall short.

And if there are no or few CC Heroes on your team, use full damage but with a hint that a CC skill will remain on your second skill.

So now you understand Spinner when using Vale while playing while Mobile legends.

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