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Oddie leaves Fnatic manager, what is the reason?

Oddie leaves Fnatic manager, what is the reason? Last November 2021, one of the shoutcasters from Indonesia, Vinzent “OddieIndra became the manager of a team touted as the “King of SEA” Dota 2, namely Fnatic.

During Oddie’s tenure as manager of Fnatic, the King of SEA has won several tournaments, namely DOTA Summit 12, ESL One Los Angeles Online: SEA and BTS Pro Series: SEA.

But do you know weirdo that Oddie stopped acting as manager of Fnatic Dota 2 since May. This was confirmed to Oddie directly by SPIN Esports via Instagram DM and he also uploaded a photo of Fnatic Dota 2 saying that he has left Fnatic.

Oddie leaves Fnatic manager
Photo via: Oddiepedia

Oddie told SPIN Esports that the reason he left Fnatic was because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which resulted in The International 10 having to be discontinued this year and most likely to be present in 2021.

There were also rumors that Oddie was starting a new Dota 2 team in Southeast Asia because he was negotiating with geek fam offlaner Kuku via Steam chat.

However, Oddie told SPIN Esports that he did not form a Dota 2 team in Southeast Asia, so the rumors are not true.

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Oddie Fnatic
Photo via: Oddiepedia

Now Oddie seems to be starting his career again as a Dota 2 shoutcaster who has made a name for himself. Oddie has returned as a shoutcaster for ONE Esports’ Dota 2 SEA League tournament.

Hopefully, with Oddie’s presence in Indonesia, the Dota 2 competition area in Indonesia will be resurrected too, weirdo. Don’t forget to keep visiting website us to get and follow the latest news on eSports Facebook weather!

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