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Know more Oh My Venus captain of the International Blacklist Team

Know more Oh My Venus captain of the International Blacklist Team

The Mobile Legends scene is stirred up by a Filipino gamer, OhMyV33nus.

The Blacklist International team captain has been discussed a lot for a variety of reasons, from his game, the META he made, to his proximity to other players in Blacklist International.

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In that regard, SPIN Esports will be discussing a little bit about these interesting things from OhMyV33nus here.

Former captain of ONIC PH

ONIC OhMyV33nus

Source: ig @ ohmy.v33nus

Yes, before moving to Blacklist International in November 2021, OhMyV33nus was ONIC PH’s team captain.

Before that, ONIC PH won second place in MPL PH Season 4 & 5 with OhMyV33nus.

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Close to Jungler Blacklist International


Source: ig @ ohmy.v33nus

Perhaps this is also one of the things that discuss his name more. OhMyV33nus is said to be near Wise, the jungler of the Blacklist International team, as well as his former teammate at ONIC PH.

It can also be seen on his Instagram page @ ohmy.v33nus which often posts in terms of its proximity. Their chemistry in the game turned out to be very strong.

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Very powerful V33wise duo

Duo V33wise

Source: ig @ ohmy.v33nus

In continuation of the second point, this made her duet in the Blacklist International team even stronger.

When they’re in midlane together, their chemistry is very strong. It also makes them a deadly duet in the Mobile Legends scene.

Strong proof is the chemistry between Popol & Kupa from OhMyV33nus and Yi Sun-shin from Wise, who performed well when BREN Esports was relegated to the lower class.


Famous for META Dua support

Many Indonesian players, including Rekt, announced that META Dua’s presence came from Blacklist International.

Yes, the two META supports that were present at MPL ID Season 7 were inspired by Blacklist International. Without the role of OhMyV33nus and ESON as support and tanks in the midlane, there would of course be no META two supports, which are popular now until they are in the ranking.

Nicknamed Queen Support

MSC outside 2021

Source: ig @ ohmy.v33nus

As mentioned in his Instagram bio, OhMyV33nus is famous for his nickname Queen support. Yes, she is currently considered the queen of support in META.

This is very natural with his role as a very strong support in the midlane, so he was able to make Blacklist International a very strong team this season and managed to win the MPL PH Season 7 and the dominance of BREN Esports in PH. to decide.

Those are some interesting things that are talked about a lot about Blacklist International’s captain, Oh My Venus.

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