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4 fighters who will enter the newest META Mobile Legends Season 17

4 fighters who will enter the newest META in Mobile Legends Season 17! Mobile Legends Season 17 has officially started where we did a rank reset for Season 17. There will be a lot of changes, be it buffs and Nerf heroes or gameplay changes in Mobile Legends Season 17.

In Mobile Legends Season 17 it also appears that META 1-3-1 will continue which focuses on mastering the offlaner where there is not only 1 offlaner but also an offlaner and the midlaner is guarded by 1 tank and 1 support.

Therefore, choosing a hero offlaner or fighter in Mobile Legends Season 17 is very important. In this article, Spin eSports predicts 4 fighters that will become META in Mobile Legends Season 17.

1. Chou

Source: Mobile Legends

It’s no secret that Chou will be a META hero every season, whether it’s a tank or a fighter. Chou has the ability to thrust up and high mobility as well as high immune and damage effects make Chou a terrifying fighter.

2. jaw head

Jawhead will be very effective at restricting movement or chasing down the opponent’s core hero in a team fight so that the opponent’s core stays away from the war because Jawhead targeted him first.

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3. Thamuz

Source: Mobile Legends

As a fighter hero, Thamuz has a high degree of mobility and durability. Also, do not forget about the damage and high life steal that Thamuz has in order to become one of the battle heroes who can face many enemy heroes alone.

4, X.borg

Speaking of one of the annoying fighter heroes, X.borg is one of them, as the quick cooldown allows him to repay the damage to the enemy and take down the minions quickly. And if the team is well set up, X.borg becomes a hero who does a lot of damage in the middle of a war.

This is the fighting hero that Spin eSports predicts will enter the latest META of Mobile Legends Season 17. Don’t forget to visit our website for the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!

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