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3 Hero Mobile Legends (ML) with the most skins by 2021!

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Source: Mobile Legends

3 Hero Mobile Legends (ML) with the most skins by 2021!

Skin is indeed something that Mobile Legends (ML) players want, the presence of a skin can be one of the triggers for the joy of playing.

Because if you have a good skin, especially a favorite hero, it will certainly increase the fun of the game.

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The presence of a new skin is also evidence of a hero’s popularity. The more skins, the more trustworthy the hero is, the more salable he is, so a new skin will sell well when it’s released.

But not all heroes have many skins, only a few heroes have many skins. And here are the three Mobile Legends (ML) heroes with the most skins by 2021.


Source: Mobile Legends

This epic rank pride hero has the most skins with a collection of 8 skins including Normal 2 Skins (First Skin, Early Season Limited Time), Season Skins (S2), Epic Skins, Stalight Skins, Special Skins (Valentine) , Legend skins and lightborn skins.

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Source: Mobile Legends

Hero Assassin who had become a top pick and ban early in the Mobile Legends season. It was due to his Ultimate ability, which was very sick at the time.

Karina is often referred to as a garbage collector for her often killing skills, as that was an assassin’s job from the start.

This hero has received a total of 8 skins to date, from Elite 3 skins (first skin, Christmas skin, spider lily), Starlight skin, Epic skin, KoF Leona skin, Zodiac skin and normal skin (S17).

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Source: Mobile Legends

As the first hero to appear in Mobile Legends (ML), there is nothing wrong with Miya having the most skins, 8 skins so far.

Even if its existence after the renovation could not increase its prestige again. But that was enough to call Miya the sickest sniper in ML.

A total of 8 skins will be received, starting with Elite Skins, Epic Skins, Starlight Skins, Limited Skins, Legend Skins, Special 2 Skins (Valentine, Twilight Pass) and Normal Skins (S18).

These are the 3 Hero Mobile Legends (ML) with the most skins by 2021.

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