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What do you think of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? | Spin

Not long ago, or to be exact, yesterday, May 16, 2021, Moonton presented a free hero named LuoYi at the best game Mobile Legends Bang: Bang. This hero himself is a mage type with some unique skills.

Luo Yi herself is the free hero of Event 515, the biggest mobile legend event to celebrate her birthday. Luo Yi himself was previously predicted to be released in early May 2021, but he still had bugs and was adjusting his skills, so he had to postpone the release.

The hero has been officially released for the first time in a long time and will be available for free at Event 515. After its official release, the hero had a lot of pros and cons. In general, it doesn’t have the decent skills and damage of a hero mage, but on the other hand, Luo Yi’s skill is appropriate and I think it will have a big impact on team fights.

Source: GridGames.id – Grid.ID

His first skill is about the same as Odette’s first skill, both damaging the opponent he’s aiming for, but skill 2 can provide a lot of energy to determine its position, and the energy is very slow. It’s annoying to have an effect.

Then, as the ultimate skill or main skill, Luo Yi can teleport to a designated location, but Luo Yi can not only teleport, but also Luo Yi if the team is in that area.

You might think that this ultimate hero isn’t very useful for team fights, but if you use this ultimate properly and wisely, it will definitely be very useful for team fights performed.

According to the individual author of this hero, the skills that the author personally thinks are much more helpful in helping the team escape and attacking enemies, so to use it as a support instead of a mage. Very suitable. But that is the author’s personal opinion, and of course it is different from each of you.
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